(TO BOSS) If you don’t care handwriting review on mind map, THEN:

If you don’t care about users who wants to review from own handwriting on mind maps:


There will be NO option for mind map users but just these tree option:
(for review+recall process from annotations, handwritings)

  1. COME BACK opening document screen) :upside_down_face:
    Why anyone wants to write something in mind map if he/she needs to come back doc screen (do you asking yourself even as a creator? @admin)
    We talked this meaningless before so so so many times…

And that will make the last update trash also !!!

  1. using child screen in FULL size
    Which is full of stupidity. The user cuts the willpower with everytime he wants to write, he needs to click the nodes, and this stupid process is even not enough you offer users “Hey click more for write in full screen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:but dont forget you need to click also for closing it

  2. using child screen IN mind map screen
    Which is also trash but at least user could stay on mind map more. Which leads the only solution🙁:

THEN AT LEAST make the child screen RESIZABLE because even if I am using 12.9 iPad pro (I can’t imagine what the users who use small screen feel about this (who are also big part of your users) ) , this child screen so small :rage:, I can’t read most of my captures.
Who wants to make annotation for review if they can’t even read of it ?

Hey Min Sun
I appreciate your all effort but
We really need this feature
Because all the mind map features you ve built on so far should mean something.
It is only real when the mind map users feel writing freely and they should also feel the review process without need to open screen or come back dock screen…


Thank you very much for your suggestions, we are already exploring new solutions, so stay tuned

Kind Regards,
Support Team

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