How to switch-off Marginnote (MacOS) syncing to iClod? - "Evident" way not working

MarginNote is losing many of my pdfs/docs in my folders, seemingly due to an iCloud problem. So I have turned off what I understood it was the switch for iCloud syncing:

Yet, after one day day having switched iCloud off, the documents keep disappearing again after some time (today after some hours… - it used to be after some seconds or minutes). How can this be related with iCloud if it was actually disconnected from it? Or where is the real switch to stop MarginNote syncing to iCloud?

I can leave without using MarginNote on another device, but I do really need to be able to access and use my previous work (highlights) and the corresponding pdfs on MacOs’ Marginnote… So, as iCloud is being pointed out as responsible in the very MarginNote forum, I need to turn off iCloud in Marginnote… Isn’t the above the way to do it? How can it be done? What am I missing ?

Thanks in advance


You can turn off iCloud in here.


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Hi. There’s nothing here to see. The word image shows, but I have tried in evey browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, others…) and no image is displayed in any of them