Inclusion of deeplinks from DevonThink, Boolean operators and Markdown link inclusion

When including deep links from DevonThink (OSX), MarginNote shows only the file name, which the document has in DevonThink. But the whole DevonThink link was copied. This already indicates that the developers of MarginNote are working on the function. I hope very much for the next update. It is very nice that the file name is displayed. Now I would like to click on the files name that Marginnote has read out based on the deep link, then DevonThink should open and show me the page that is linked. This would make me very happy.

**Among the most used markdown plugin for MarginNote: Mymarkdown. It is unreliable!**Sometimes the formatting disappears. Meanwhile the plugin cannot be called at all, although it is activated. It would be nice if the Markdown basic function, for example for linking Directly in MarginNote are integrated and then reliably usable.

Reason for using DevonThink: MarginNote does not have Boolean operators built in. Devon Think has just that built in and is much faster at searching through Large Document Sets. Markdown works fine on your website, too. See the link at the end of this post.

Funny, I search Google for how to include deep links in MarginNote 3 and find my own post :slight_smile:

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