Insert deep links from ios, e.g. Obsidian, in MarginNote3 formatted body text, Markdown?

Unfortunately, I can only insert a full-length obsidian link. This takes up a lot of space in the continuous text and is visually confusing. iOS deep links work. It’s a formatting thing. I tried using the Officially Supported Markdown Plugin. And that would be the optimal solution for me, since I use Markdown anyway. With standard formatting, i.e. linking to a website, the plugin works very well, e.g. An Internal Link. If you add an obsidian link instead of the external link (obsidian://open?vault=My%20second%20Brain&file=Inspiration%20-%3E%20Idee%20%F0%9F%92%A1%20-%3EMetohoden%20- %3E%20Guide%F0%9F%94%A3%2FDocumentation%20-%3E%20Guide%20-%3E%20portfolio%20%E2%80%93%3E%20Project work), nothing happens. Is there a way or a workflow to get the problem under control as quickly as possible?

A solution without markdown would also be great.


Did you paste the link into the card? Would you please upload some screenshots or videos describing it in detail? That way I can help you better.

Kind Regards,
Support Team