Is MarginNote a DEAD app? Are developers still here?

There are lots of comments complaining about version of MN on Setapp, and it seems like Setapp team tried to contact with MN’s developer team.
1 Year. What did MN’s team done?
Is it hard to upload newest version to Setapp? If so, why is MN still on Setapp?
If not, it looks like the app is dead. (Just take a look at the feature request on the forum page.)

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Hello, we have been busy developing new versions lately and there will be updates in the next few days.


Looking forward to updates! Thanks again for this really great application - I use it constantly.

That’s great news, I have been waiting for so long.

Yeah, waiting seems to be art the developers keep us exercising. Up to now it was just one more promise, let’s see if they keep their promise this time. They have told us about updates for months and years now (just search for marginnote 4 in this forum for example).

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I want to second this. MarginNote is incredibly valuable as-is! (even if there is definitely the potential to make it even better)

Please continue to ignore the general negativity on this forum - it’s the internet after all.

In some cases, more transparency regarding the roadmap and the time when bug fixes can be expected would be nice. On the other hand, sometimes there are uncertainties that prevent confident estimates - this is what people who don’t build software themselves will never understand.

looking forward to this! thanks. fantastic app

I guess you assume because “it’s the internet after all” you may not be asked how you justify your claims.

Communication here is readable for everyone. You can call them “old posts”. This is a “link”, it will guide you to “old posts”. Maybe you can read for yourself that the developers make the same promise in May 2022 (big update):

Just use the feature some call “search”. You will find similar threads like this 1, 2 3 years old.


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That’s kind of my point. Seems that even 4 years ago people were saying MarginNote is a “dead app”. Since then there have clearly been major updates that brought significant improvements.

Again, I also find their communication suboptimal. More communication and more transparency would be nice.

But the constant negativity and complaining by some users on the forum is completely out of proportion in my view.

That’s your point? Then you are pointing to nowhere. You are wrong on three levels:

  1. “Significant improvements”? The devs announced a big version update in the summer 2023. There has been no big version update. The last update on the iPad was 4 month ago, on MAC it was even 7 month ago. For the last three years there has been almost only bug fixes and the like. And the most troubling bugs (synching issues!) have still not been fixed.

  2. It is not about being rude. I was nicely asking and understanding the developers: “They are busy.” “Marginnote is still a great app” and so on. You can read how my posts started to change. If they keep on talking about the next version (or that something will happen in a few days), after all these years and empty promises + lack of communication otherwise, you have to master in gullible arts to take these rare comments trustworthy. Fool me once, normal mode of software developing. Fool me for three years = team marginnote.

  3. The complaint by the user trjb000729 at the beginning of this thread was that for 2,5 years the setup version is lagging behind the apple store version. There has been complaints, the setapp team was even reaching out to the developers one year ago!!! And developers team excuse is that “we have been busy developing new versions lately and there will be updates in the next few days”. If you believe that crap excuse you may believe that the could not update the version because the earth is flat.

It just hurts that a great piece of software (one of the most important for academics) is as it seems being developed for the last couple of years by not serious people.

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I have been a loyal user of MarginNote for years and I have bought a Ipad pro only for this app, but I am very disappointed and frustrated by the lack of communication and updates from the support team. They have been making false promises and excuses for too long, and they have not delivered on any of the features or bug fixes that we have been asking for. They have also ignored the Setapp users who have paid for a subscription but have not received the latest version of the app. This is unacceptable and unprofessional. I feel like I have wasted my money and time on this app, and I am losing trust and confidence in the developers. I hope they will listen to their customers and take action soon, or else they will lose many of us who have supported them for so long.

Thanks for sharing that thread @Nishag

I took the liberty of translating this post by user “LLX” with DeepL. It was posted in the Chinese forums on Dec 19, 2023:

DeepL Translation:

“As a member of the internal test, although it’s not convenient to disclose what features have been realized and the detailed description, what can be said is that MarginNote4 has realized a lot of functional innovations, including a lot of suggestions mentioned in the post, and it feels like they’ve been adopted, and it will be presented in a form more compatible with the characteristics of the App itself. MarginNote is not a hodgepodge of features, so the additions and trade-offs as well as the refinements have to be repeatedly considered, and therefore the development time has been extended ~) Give the MN team time and trust, the iteration of the big version and the release does require a corresponding production cycle!
But the expansion of the internal testing is really necessary to keep up with it! Keep up the good work!”


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Hey guys, I’ve been posting feedback & questions to the Discord forum re: MarginNote 4, but no one seems to be answering.

Is it still working? Is anyone over there??

From this image i have a feel that LiquidText features coming to MN :heart_eyes:

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Wha feature you talk about?

To link between PDFs, handwriting etc

Is this a screenshot of marginnote 4? Anyone knows if it will be a new app or an update?

Sure, it will be published later this decade.

I guess it is about semantics what