Is MarginNote unresponsive because it's going out of business?

It’s very strange that no one from @marginnote3 , @marginnote , @Support-Team has answered users on this forum for a month (or at least that’s many of our experiences).

Serious question: Is MarginNote going out of business?

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İ think there is a serious problem they face when they try to make a change apps’s code.
Because of the comlicated effort to fix it, its easier for now to not give any attention to comments or feedbaacks instead of coordinately improve it.
İt is obvibous that, this perspective only brings short term gains for them.
For examle giving money to Software engineers to make Windows version of app is long term gain. So they choose staying relax mode and Raise app price instead.

Hello, actually MN is constantly growing and evolving. As far as I’m concerned. The next generation of MN will be tested this year, and that’s why MN updates slowly.

Really thanks for your great suggestions in many posts. And my colleagues indeed recorded these features. There are many reasons why they haven’t be implemented.

I tried to solve your problems through addon. For example, 【MN Third-Party Addon】Better experience for exporting, citing. Forked from CopySearch made by ourongxing
I tried to append uuid in your cards, so that you can search these exported cards in DT3 or other softwares.

You could tell me any other requests. And I will try to achieve it.

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Will the new version/ plugin have better expert at the outline level? Preferably to markdown? That’s crucial for me.

Hello, I’m sorry this plugin ignores the outline level. Maybe you could try this addon: Obsidian Bridge: About An Obsidian plugin to bridge MarginNote 3 and

I will take it into consideration and try to realize it in next version.

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Thank you. I used this already but it’s at the note level, not the whole outline (as far as I can tell)

We decide to make some addons to rich export formats and customize your workflow. Please give us some of your thoughts about target apps and formats.
We have already made cards exported to Flomo, Anki and Devonthink (and any other app supports urlscheme). GitHub - mnaddon/ohmymn: The most powerful addon of Marginnote 3,Mac and iPad support.
The next step we will do is to export the whole outline.

For me, definitely markdown - preserving the outline structure, please (I think Obsidian uses 4 spaces as the indent). Whether that’s to save it as a file or to copy to clipboard ready for pasting.

This would serve those of us who use Obsidian and other markdown editors.

Thank you, I’m looking forward to this.

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【第三方MN插件】Obsidian-Bridge(Markdown动态导出)——连接两个知识星球 #Ver.3.0.0 已获官方签名# - 插件发布区|允许不受限制地编辑更新主帖 - MarginNote 中文社区 I don’t know if you have updated the Obsidian-Bridge. I think Version 3.0 can export the whole outline.

Please let me know if there is any misunderstanding

Hi, I’ve looked into this, but if I copy the whole outline (which I think is done with the TOC mode?) I don’t get the comments I’ve added, but just the excerpts. Is this correct or am I missing something?

What about student discount? Nobody replies to mails for application or below the dedicated section of this forum. Is it still valid?

Thanks for your reply!

Could you please give me your email. Let me check it!

Hello, now I basically finished this plugin, it should be able to support exporting outlines to Obsidian. It supports to export comments and can also convert MarginNote Link to Obsidian Link “[[ ]]”.

Let me know if there are any problems or requests as this plugin is still in beta version.


So, @Bryan it seems pretty obvious that you’re deliberately answering a part of the discussion that deals with a plug-in, and ignoring the large questions that we’ve been asking.

Can you and your colleagues please answer our questions directly? It really is the very least you can do, and your company should treat its customers with the respect they deserve.

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I’m sorry about it as I’m focusing on the development of plugins. Yesterday I have reported your question to my colleagues. I’m not sure why they haven’t replied yet, I’ll ask again.

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I appreciate you saying that, but we still haven’t heard from any of your colleagues about these matters.

Since the beginning of the year – and well beyond – users like @jprint have detailed perfectly reasonable requests for features we desperately need to make this app work for us, such as in the following posts: New Year’s Wish List - for basic work processes

When are you colleagues going to respond to us directly with answers? It’s a real problem, @Bryan

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Kindly attach videos in English language. Got nothing what you explained in the video

Suffice it to say, I wholeheartedly agree with this assessment.

Frankly I’m stunned that any developer would fail to respond to the questions and requests that its users have made – over the course of MANY YEARS – all of which are quite reasonable.

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