Is MN support still functioning?

Haven’t heard back anyone in a while, and there hasn’t been a MN3 Mac update for a while.


Yes, and MarginNote 3 has released a new 3.5.2 build. Among other things MarginNote 3 now supports archiving notebooks, a feature much requested by users on the forum.
As for macOS build, it shall be updated later. (iOS and macOS are of separate operating systems.)

Support Team

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Great. Thank you for communicating this update.

Hey do you know what is happening with customer support? A lot of people have not been hearing from them for a while, hope they’re okay!:3


I’ve been hearing this all the time. In fact, other users have DM’ed me to see if I’ve heard anything else from @Support-Team about what’s going on. And I’m just a fellow user!

Some users have even said they’ve reached out to the Apple App customer support contacts to complain about MarginNote’s lack of support and communication. I haven’t gone that route, but understand their frustration.

@marginnote @Lanco_Support-Team @Min @Support-Team — are you guys hearing these concerns from your users?


This has become an urgent problem that many users are experiences.

I am gravely worried about MarginNote’s lack of support. Frankly, it has alarmed me so much that I am no considering whether to start using another annotation app. I would really rather no, but like @jprint and @Marithalie have pointed out, we honestly don’t know if @Support-Team is even working any more.


Glad to hear im not the only one, sad to hear they are leaving us on our own, its such a great app, they have probably put so much effort in it, would be a pity if they shoot themselves in the feet by something so easily fixed.

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Always at your service Josh. Actually we talk about your suggestions frequently, however, solutions to them are so tough that we need loads of discussions before my replies. I must apologize for my delaying and I will first make clear my appreciation and difficulties to you in future. In case of temporary absence, you can always find me by sending a brief notification to my personal E-mail .

Yours sincerely,
Support Team

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Great. Thank you, @Lanco_Support-Team – I (we) appreciate all of that.

Just to be clear… I totally understand that it’s tough, and takes time, to implement the suggestions that I and other users have made on this forum. So, I totally get that, and am genuinely sympathetic. But it seems that many users – not just me! – have been very concerned about the perceived lack of feedback / response by MarginNote support. Like I said, some users have reached out to me directly, asking if I had some insight into whether MarginNote support was inactive – and even if the app was getting shut down! Some were even DM’img me, asking how they could get a response by you and your colleagues. That shows that other users are really concerned about this. Again, I’m just alerting you guys know so that you corrective action.



I have also been quite concerned about the lapses in communication from the MarginNote team, to the point that I am once again thinking about quitting MarginNote entirely and moving to a different application.

FWIW, I have been through this before with Sente, and I don’t want to repeat the experience.

I hope the MN team will take corrective action.

I’m really sorry about it that I haven’t give your devoted users prompt reply last few days. And please forgive me as now I’m preparing for my final exams. But I promise tomorrow I will give your detailed and complete answers of your questions and requests.
Thanks for your understanding.
MN Support Team