Is there a size limit for a study notebook to be able to sync?

Hello, I have many study notebooks that sync to icloud properly except my main one which admittedly is massive in size and has a lot of media in it. This one always gets an error to sync to the cloud. Is the issue the size, if not is there a fix? Problem has been happening for over a year.

What happens if you clone that notebook and try to sync the clone? If it works then you could just delete the original notebook.

That solved a similar issue for me in the past.


The synchronization problem is one of the key issues that our recent team has been solving, and the technical arguments have been completed to support multiple synchronization methods, including webdav, in the future.

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The cloned notebook is incomplete and without the original structure of the OG notebook. Don’t know why it broke everything in the clone. Thanks for the suggestion tho :slight_smile:

You’re welcome @jimeduardo.

Also, you could try some of the steps from this post: Syncing Between ipad and macbook - #6 by AW2307

I’ve been using MN quite intensively for over a year now and when there were sync problems, those steps always resolved them.

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