JUST scroll button for ZOOM IN AND OUT

the user should be able to zoom ın and out wıth JUST ONE MOVEMENT OF SCROLL BUTTON of mouse

ın mac versıon the user can do thıs with:

  • scroll button of mouse wıth alt button of keyboard

in ıpad versıon the user can do thıs with:

  • (+) and (-) buttons of keyboard (which is so buggy sometimes, the keyboard shortcuts in ipad so cumbersome time to time especially in MN )

if it is not makeble for you, than it should be same in IPAD os version (ALT & SCROLL )


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Hi, we've been thinking about this interaction before.

We now bind the scroll wheel to the PDF scroll. This has to be done with cmd() to zoom in and out.

There are too many shortcut keys in Marginnote, so the shortcut key system has become a very complicated matter.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

but it should be same in ipad version
thats why i wrote it
i understand your perspective

ın addition:
İn liquidtex, this operation is done by one scroll movement.
The usability of mind map is important and it will bring more fluidity in MN too if it can be resolved both in Mac and İpad os version.
Thank you

any prgress?
it d be perfect in just scrooll but if you cant:
at least make the ıpad versıon same (alt + scroll)
zoomıng ıs so ımportant forthıs app

and there are users who use monitor (external dısplay) wıth theır ıpad
thınk about them

i m using beta version but
after ios 16 came offically, everyone will wants to try external display function

ı cant zoom out wıth my keyboard - and + buttons in fluidty

ıt needs to be controlled keyboard, mouse and screen seperately
zoom function is fundemental for big mind maps
please consider seriously

and think about the SCENARIO of - and = like that:

when you want to just review your notes on mind map
you opened mind map

your right hand use directions buttons:
up, down, right, left as you aware

now think:

would it be good to use RIGHT SIDED OF KEYBOARD buttons like (- and +)
Would it be good to use LEFT SIDED OF KEYBOARD buttons like (alt, shift, etc ) for zooming

of course second option
because your right hand is already busy with directions !!!

in my wish
you use your left hand for zooming and right hand for directions


(best alternatıve) lıke lıqudtext JUST SCROLL button of mouse for zoomıng ın and out wıth your rıghthand
and dırectıons wıth your left hand

but you force to use rıght hand both dırectons and - and + buttons
and it is makes people dont use tis specialty
and it makes people dont use mind map wit fluidty
and it makes people dont use MN….


please we need that

The way you should think is trying to make your product easier to use instead of telling people that you didn’t design your code well as it is complicated and you are reluctant to change it.

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can’t agree any more

we are still waiting just simple mouse thing

Copy from Liqud text
this is fundemental

both choice SHOULD be selected by user

İ ll post ıt everyday to force you think




Any update?


Is ıt so hard ?


What are your problems with scroll button of mouse @Support-Team.

how much time passed…
still any little change is so hard for MN
İ m so upset for this process.

hello i will mark this idea seiously, it will be soon

We see that the iPad version of liquidtext does not have the function of holding down the button to zoom. Can you use it there? Did you open any additional settings?