Mac- iCloud Sync Thread

I also am not seeing any sync from my iPad and iPhone to my Mac (sync between the iDevices works fine). My version on the Mac is the Setapp version, FWIW.

I think there are still sync issues. I’ve found that if I START or import the app into iOS, then it will move over to the Mac. You may also try experimenting with putting a file into the iCloud folder and see where or if it shows up.


thanks for the tip, Todd, but it did not work.

Also, my iCloud drive has two folders. “MarginNote” holds the iOS PDFs, “MarginNote 3” holds the Mac PDFs. Moving a PDF from one to the other had no effect.

This is a big show-stopper.

Not sure if this is an iCloud sync problem, per say, but I’ve just posted that the MN Folders I’ve set up are not syncing between the Mac and iOS platforms.


Relatively new user here and I am REALLY disappointed with the sync process - I would have expected them to automatically be synced between devices (manually setting them to sync is weird) even when I have got it set right the sync is WAY TOO SLOW!!!

This needs SERIOUS attention.



the whole icloud sync process is just confusing. I’ve totally given up.


Why doesn’t sync work in MarginNote? It is the worst sync process I have ever encountered. I want to be able to pick up where I left off. I don’t want to have to upload documents, mindmap and cards etc… individually then download them individually every time I want to continue work on a different device. This is terrible. Furthermore, why can’t I export annotations etc…? I want to be able to export my findings to compile my project in a written paper. For a study software, the lack of reference management integration is a joke.


I’m trying the trials on iPad and Mac and sync isn’t working until now.
I create a note on Mac and the sync occurs 6 hours after :’(

I am having the same problem. I have MarginNote 3 installed in my Mac and iPad. I have the full version. The Sync process is just not working. It is really frustrating. Did the developers post any kind of solution for this problem?

No response to my last post from March. The sync system is still next to useless. Nothing actually syncs you have to do it yourself. If you forget to upload everything when you finish work and you open your project on another device remote from the first device you will only have an old version to work with, which I am always too frightened to work on incase it overwrites the more up to date project the first device. Not fixing this issue is bad enough but not responding to users is very poor.

Sorry for your issue, now we’re woking on it !

Hello, I have a question on Marginnote Notebook syncing. When I go to the iCloud folders’ file, there’s only the books/pdfs (documents) appearing, but the notebooks don’t appear. This is very confusing, as it is more difficult to make a backup of the notebooks this way.

Also, the notebooks that sync to the “cloud”, appear as uploaded on Marginnote for Mac but they are not visible on the iOS version, and this is really frustrating, as it basically removes the only function of why I use Marginnote, which is notebooks.

I can still make a manual backup of every notebook, then upload it to a specific folder inside iCloud Drive, then open that notebook on the Mac version, but it’s just more complicated this way. Is it supposed to be like that?

Just want to add a note to the syncing frustrations. I have two iPads that I use interchangeably (iPad pro and iPad mini 5) and I did a LOT of work on a document a couple of weeks ago on the iPad pro whilst offline (on an airplane). The changes simply never synced to the iPad mini, nor to my MacBook. I tried making new annotations and notes in the iPad Pro version when fully online and these did not sync either. Eventually, I tried backing up the iPad Pro version, and somewhere along the line it has reverted to the pre airplane version. That’s a lot of work that’s been lost.

The troubles with iCloud sync remain my biggest concern to make MN a reliable app on my iPad.

  • I can create a folder directly in the iCloud/Margin Note folder and have it never show up in the Margin Note app.

  • I can delete a folder in Margin Note and have it remain resident in the iCloud/Margin Note folder.

  • I can try to import folders to Margin Note and have the transfer process hang, leaving ghost folders in the ICloud/Margin Note folder.

We are limited solely to iCloud as the one way to transfer documents in and out of Margin Note. This service just does not work reliably. By extension, this drags down the entire experience of trying to use Margin Note.

At some point, as we have to keep looking behind to make sure the app is doing what it should be doing, we will just give up and throw the app in the trash.


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Sorry for bad experience. I will try to learn and test what trouble you. By the way, cloud related tips and questions have been moved to this thread: