Mac- iCloud Sync Thread


I also am not seeing any sync from my iPad and iPhone to my Mac (sync between the iDevices works fine). My version on the Mac is the Setapp version, FWIW.


I think there are still sync issues. I’ve found that if I START or import the app into iOS, then it will move over to the Mac. You may also try experimenting with putting a file into the iCloud folder and see where or if it shows up.



thanks for the tip, Todd, but it did not work.

Also, my iCloud drive has two folders. “MarginNote” holds the iOS PDFs, “MarginNote 3” holds the Mac PDFs. Moving a PDF from one to the other had no effect.

This is a big show-stopper.


Not sure if this is an iCloud sync problem, per say, but I’ve just posted that the MN Folders I’ve set up are not syncing between the Mac and iOS platforms.