【FAQ】Collecting Problems with Sync + Troubleshooting

Collecting Problems with Sync + Troubleshooting

By far, we have been working on sync issues fed back previously by our faithful users and have already fixed some main problems. Still, we need some more illustrated feedback to improve iCloud sync accordingly in our next coming versions to help you back up and sync data more effectively and conveniently. Herein we need to collect your error information with immediate screenshots on the error pages. We encourage you to export and share with us your MarginNote Backup if the case is sophisticated.

Note before concluding that sync with MarginNote is in trouble, please ensure your iCloud account and device are not low in space and your iCloud syncing behaves properly by itself. Last but not least, syncing/downloading Documents and Notebook with MarginNote are separately (Check in pic.4), in other words, it’s normal to sync your document without notes attached to, when quitting out not until the Notebook part synced.

Please read on for detailed instructions, together with the effective solutions to problems fixed recently.

Problem-collecting Steps

  1. Go to “MN3 Home Page > ··· > Cloud Sync”, take a screenshot if you enter into an error interface.
  • Mac

  • iOS

  1. Upload and post the two corresponding screenshots (from two involving devices) here

  • Mac

  • iOS

  1. To export and share certain sophisticated problems, please export the MarginNote Backup and email it to us : service@marginnote.com , providing samples for testing. To get the backups, please enter the sync-error-involving notebooks under Study Mode, and then do as the diagram below.

  1. If your iCloud error report contains “uuid=288BE2…” shown as the following picture, please copy the whole corresponding alphanumeric characters, type “marginnote3app://note/“ in Safari URL bar, followed with the pasted uuid, and you will search out the error-related spots in your notebook, which is so needed that we recommend you take a screenshot of the notebook searched out and post it here.

(By the way, here is a whole example URL, counterpart of the following demo report screenshot depicted: marginnote3.app://note/288BE261-826A-4004-9C80-848018C510D7)
Besides, we’ll be grateful if you do as item 3 above, that is , export and email the corresponding notebook backup to our support team: service@marginnote.com

Right here waiting for your error report! The more completed the report, the better we improve our product!

Troubleshooting iCloud Sync

1.To batch import and sync PDFs into MN3 via iCloud Drive #Mostly Useful#

If you need to import a lot of documents at one time and sync all of them afterwards, we recommend copying/pasting either through the Files app on your iPad or the Finder on your Mac instead of batch importing into MN3 app directly. (Original upload tools tend to be more stable.)

  • iOS: tap "Files > iCloud Drive> MarginNote3 ", then drag and drop (paste) all the files into this MN3 folder.
  • MacOS: click"Finder >iCloud Drive> MarginNote3 ", then drag and drop (paste) all the files into this MN3 folder.

2.Wi-Fi Transfer — editing a document across devices under the same Wi-Fi (only with MNpro)

While MarginNote Pro supports Wi-Fi Transfer, MN3 doesn’t. However, we will optimize this feature in several next coming versions.

Note: MNpro will check the latest state automatically and keep your changes up to date between devices immediately once you use Handoff; we recommend that you not edit the same document across two devices synchronously until we have finished optimization.

3.MacOS-related redundancy system errors

Please reset your Macbook after BACK UP all your important data:

To reset your macOS, please access to these sites:



4. Contact Apple

As third-party developers with limited control over iCloud, we may fail to fix all issues with iCloud at present. If the solutions above didn’t help after you ensure your iCloud syncing is behaving properly, please contact Apple through support.apple.com for further help. What’s more, we are continuing the improvement work, so stay tuned.

FAQ about how MN’s Sync works (Updating)

1- When I add a document or a Study to MarginNote on my iPad, am I supposed to do something in addition to clicking on the document little green iCloud button under the three dots… on my iPad or will it sync automatically and be available to MarginNote on my Mac ?

2- What does the greyed iCloud means ? That the document is on my iPad only ? If I click on it so that it is green, does it mean it is on iCloud or it will eventually be in iCloud ?

3- What does the little dotted cloud means (the one that is under the name of a document/study, to the left of the three dots …) ? What does it means if the is no dotted cloud under the name of a document/study ?

4- On my iPad, if I click on “Upload to iCloud” of a folder after clicking on the three dots … of a document, does it sync with the contents of the corresponding folder on iCloud, or does it replaces it, maybe deleting files if there has been a previous sync operation with the Mac ?

5- There is also a three dots icon at the bottom of the left margin. When I click there, a window appears, and the first item is Cloud Sync. What does it do ? When should one use this (everytime we add something ?) ?

6- If I click on the Cloud Sync option mentioned in the previous paragraph, I see “Documents downloading : XX uploading : YY” The documents that are downloading, they are downloading from iCloud to the iPad or from the iPad to iCloud ? Could we use MarginNote when there are Documents downloading or uploading or should we wait until the operation is completed ?

7- Let’s say I have two folders on MarginNote on my iPad : folder A with 3 documents, and folder B with 2 documents. I open a window on the finder to see what is happening to the MarginNote folder in iCloud (the one that contains the documents), then I open MarginNote on my Mac . What happens is that opening MarginNote on my mac begins deleting documents from folder A, or B, or both… so I close MarginNote on the Mac. Should I let it work, would it put them back later in the operation?

These 7 Questions are collected from iCloud Sync -some questions

For syncing the OSx version to iCloud, i found a way around it.
You need to clear the cache (with the option in the menu) and then sync it.

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Thanks your advice!:yum: