【FAQ】Collecting Problems with Sync + Troubleshooting

My app was constantly crashing and I thought that maybe had something to do with the sync, because I also use the desktop version to view my maps in a larger scale and often saw that when it updated, the iPad app would crash… so I turned off the cloud sync on the app. Never recovered.
Has been in “Uploading: 2” for 2 days now.


And BTW, it’s still crashing an annoying lot.

Sync has completely stopped working for me. No errors or anything. The documents are still synced but Study Notes, categories, etc is all not synced between my Mac and my Ipad version.

Please help.

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Marginnote support team: PLEASE focus on fixing sync issue. I’ve always resisted being yet another user to complaint about sync across devices but this is getting out of hand. Been putting up with this issue for months. Please focus on solving this as soon as possible. Thank you.


Hello, same problem here: sync works 1 out of 50 times…I’ve seen many suggestions on how to solve the issue but nothing appears to fix the problem…Anyway my point is: is there a way to try to re-sync from scratch? I mean: I mostly use MN3 on my iPad, so the updated data are on my iPad. I use the MN Mac version just to reorganize materials, rename etc. Is it safe (no data loss) to turn off sync and turn it on again? Will this work to resync everything? Any help appreciated!


I think this is getting out of hand…
Please try correcting this syncing error
After watching this many user having same problem as me, i think it is a serious issue because is the most important necessity than any other functions that app gives…

Let alone fix this problem first then develop all you want
otherwise I am not seeing myself using MN3 and my gut clenches because this is the best app that was giving me everything that I have wanted and now I won’t be able to use it …if I can’t sync my study material

The documents gets syncEd right away…the problem is with notes and cards…
And suggestion that has been given by technical support are of no use…still my notes and cards aren’t syncing…

Please sort this matter this affecting our studies man…

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Please help fix the sync problem. No MindMap Notebook in iPad is synced to Mac. This is really defeating the purpose of owning the products on different OS. Please prioritize this. Thank you very much!!

And big thing is, I don’t understand after so many customers having the same problem,
So Many complaining not just on margin note forum but also on the App Store …for a such a long time of more than 6 months minimum and yet… there is no improvement, why!!!

After every update, they improve many other things but not this…

I mean seriously, I don’t understand what is the developer and technical support team thinking here. Like there are many threads going on in the marginnote forum only about syncing problem…and they are seeing that Problem for a long time but why they are developing other things in the app and not the basic one …the most important one i would say in this era …that is providing “Sync support”…and Also the best of quality “sync support”
Because copying and pasting everything in iCloud is not a solutions to syncing, Because that takes away great chunk of time in anyone’s studies

How one is supposed to work in this digital era without being able to transfer data to other devices?and for that good quality syncing must work perfectly, Especially when this is the educational app where syncing is the utmost of importance for studies.

Seriously, Please do take some steps in this matter now.


I installed MN 3 on both MacOS (Cataline & El Capitan) and IOS for iPAD as well. The synchronise between Cataline and iOS is working well, there is no problem. But… for el capitan, there is a problem. The synchronise is only for PDF file, but nothing for notes. Any solution for it?

hi all I get a solution for opening your note document from iPad os in Mac OS

get a link of notebook from iPad os as pic shows
then in Mac OS, open safari, then copy the link into the address field, then safari will navigate you back to margin note 3 in Mac OS, then your pdf file with updated mind map note and note in pdf itself from iPad os will appear there

Issue description:

I have a large notebook on macos (1200 notes) vs ipads (11inch pro & mini)/ iphone 11 max pro where it shows only 300 notes. Clearly it isn’t pushing updates from macos to ipados etc. But unfortunately, when clickign the

button here, “delete from icloud” which is what I want to force push the mac’s version is the only option that’s missing.

Word of advice

Like everyone else I agree. I think it’s easy to summarize basically what everyone on this forum and the app store thinks. here’s the steps to make marginnote great.

  1. please STOP adding new features and focus on making the app work flawlessly. The idea box and linked notes are completely useless and confusing features.The extensions don’t work 99% of the time. nobody cares about features that don’t work! This is why apple is successful. Just copy them.

Instead, just make

  1. sync work
  2. increase the rendering performance on macOS
  3. Add more shortcuts for power users. Keyboard navigation is a nightmare right now

Thanks a ton for this tremendous app, there’s nothing like it that’s why your users, including myself, are so passionate (and angry about the sync problem)


I feel that ever since 3.6.15 sync has been working much better than it ever has. I dare say it seems to work exactly as expected now, with the changes being updated on other devices within seconds.

Evaluated all the various PDF annotation apps and was most happy with Margin Note, however its syncing feature is sporadic.

iPhone and iPad seem to diverge at times on sync.

And the Mac (via SetApp) just doesn’t receive any updates from the iOS devices.

If any staff want to debug this with me, anytime on https://balupton.com/meet works.

Update: Navigating to the Documents -> MarginNote 3 directory didn’t show any of the changes in there, however I moved some documents around just inside Documents and that seems to have triggered the iCloud sync. So seems issue is on Apple’s side rather than the App’s side.

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I just bought a new ipad and installed MN 3.7,and synced data from icloud.
My cards and notebooks synced well.
But i am unable to sync some documents. i clicked on download from icloud multiple times and also on the download arrow.

I tried restarting ipad and switched off icloud for Marginnotes.
Even after switching icloud for MarginNote on i could not download those documents. Pls guide i need these documents

iCloud Drive is quite buggy, both on Catalina and Big Sur.
My advice is to:

  1. Sync to iCloud manually before quiting MN
  2. Take a look at the status of iCloud in Finder (if it finished sending files)
  3. On a second machine check whether the files synced (I’m using iMac and Macbook, so here again I look into finder).
  4. Sometimes the iCloud Drive doesn’t work then I follow this: https://superuser.com/questions/1045791/icloud-drive-sync-stuck
    and do killall bird and after a few seconds iCloud works again.
  5. Open MN and check the status of sync in MN
  6. (Optional) delete caches as advised on the beginning of this post.
  7. Finally open the project

I use MN3 on iPad, now my iPad has been stolen and I need to continue on my Macbook Pro with Catalina. I downloaded the app in the app store, clicked “restore purchase” and nothing happened!
I really need a solution here the exams are coming up!
Thank you guys!
All the best,


1. Check the version of MarginNote you bought:

  • Given that iOS and macOS are of two separate operating platforms, iOS and macOS apps are sold separately. The purchase of the macOS app (be it license version or the one from the Mac AppStore) can't be used on the iOS AppStore, and vice versa.
  • There are two macOS versions issued on separate platforms: A.Apple’s Mac App Store. Falls under Apple’s Terms and Conditions, licensed directly through the individual user’s Mac AppStore account. B.Outside of the Mac App Store. Licensed as activation code. So the activation code doesn’t support the App Store version. Please download the installation image via https://s3.amazonaws.com/marginnote-product/macapp/MarginNote3.dmg.

2. Make sure you've downloaded/installed the app using the same purchasing Apple ID.

  1. Please check the detailed order info of your MarginNote 3 purchase and see under which exact Apple ID the order was placed: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204088
  2. If it is installed using a different Apple ID under which there is no in-app-purchase item of MarginNote 3, then no recoverable item would be restored(All purchased items are linked with your downloading Apple ID).
  3. In case you are not sure about which account you've used to install the app, the best solution would be to delete and reinstall the app while the right Apple ID is logged on in your AppStore.


Please do make a manual backup of your note database in MarginNote 3 before deleting the app. Deleting the app without a manual backup will erase all locally stored documents and notebooks and they would not be retrievable.

Manual Backup: MarginNote 3/.../Settings/Data-Backup and Restore.


Kind Regards,
Support Team

one year later it is still the same problem… I can’t understand that and why there isn’t any honest statement from marginnote team?

sorry but now I am really pissed off… I hope I will find a solutions the next hours. if not, marginnote is dead for me and im going to delete it and give liquid text a try.