Pointing out problems with iCloud syncing


(I have MN3 installed on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook.)

Syncing is a huge problem (I’m, not alone: study group has the same experience)

P1) Just creating an empty folder (on my MB) takes at least 2-3 min to see it on my iPad and iPhone… that is when the apps are open otherwise it takes much more time.

P2) We do not have a force sync button!

Also, I have some questions. (Just to be sure that I understand the features correctly)

Q1) Under “Cloud Sync” I see something called “Doc Notebook”. What is that?

Q2) In “Trash Bin” there is something called “Notes and Cards”. What is that?

Q3) What is “Clear Temp Storage”? What is stored and where?

Q4) Regarding the iCloud syncing. Will it help if I did not close the apps in my devices? Just let them run in the background.?


I1) iCloud sync is nice (when it works probably :wink:) but how about a back up feature? One should be able to make a back up using Google Drive, Dropbox or something similar at a user customerized time intervals (in minutes, hours, days). One back up should not overwrite the previous one! It should be like Time Machine! This feature should only be limited by the cloud storage capacity (Google Drive, Dropbox etc.)

I2) Ideas for deletion of docs, mindmaps and cards:

  1. ‘local deletion’ (only in device)
  2. "global deletion ", across all the synced devices.
  3. “iCloud deletion”, delete in iCloud, not locally.
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Sorry for bad experience, I will post a Guide about icloud tips tomorrow. Hope that will help you.

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We want the iCloud tips ! :wink: