Marginnote not refreshing after file import

Have been using Marginnote for like 6m now and I’ve experienced this from the beginning.
I’ve upgraded to iPadOS, the latest 13.1 and Marginnote is also up-to-date.

The issue I’m experiencing is: when you import a pdf file from Google Drive, the file imported will not show in marginnote document. However, when I force close Marginnote and re-open the app, it refreshes and shows the document that I imported.

Is it only me? or everybody else?

I want to know if anybody else is having the same problem.
Even better, I’d like to know if the devs are aware of this issue and working on it.


I’m using dropbox, and I’m having the same problem.
I must close and open MN again to see the imported file.

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Thanks for your report! The issues may related to IpadOS. See if get better when 13.2 releases.

If you’re using Icloud sync, import files by IOS native files app is better. Just copy files into MN icloud folder.

Support Team