MarginNote User Manual not available?


When I click the link to download the user manual I simply get an error message.

Is the manual available somewhere? I’m loving this app so far, but there is a HUGE learning curve and the manual would be very helpful.



I was told a new manual for Margin Note 3 will be released in a couple weeks from now.


True. We are working on the English version now and will update the Mandarin version later.
For now, if you have any particular questions or issues regarding the usage of MarginNote 3, just send us an email and let us know what we can help you with.
Support Team


Does that mean the User Manual will not be available anytime soon?



Still there is no manual available. Only the few Youtube Videos. Can we expect a PDF that describes the functionality in written form?



If I had known that the software still didn’t have a manual, I wouldn’t have purchased the software. This is utterly ridiculous. I seriously would like a refund. You need to inform potential buyers that you don’t have a manual. I’m beginning to think that I don’t even trust the developer of this software and that they don’t have their users best interest at heart and that the app is a cover to collect user information.


Totally agree it is a serious matter not to have a detailed user guide for a software as useful and complex as MarginNote. This software has great potential that should be made very clear through effective documentatin that would lead marketing efforts. The developers are actually shooting themselves in the foot and ultimately reducing their market share.

But perhaps the issue is man power, and this may be a very small company with limited resources. So it would be understandable that they are late with documentation, although they continue to lose market every single day because of it. Business acumen is key in such decisions.


I have been considering purchase, but apparently it’s a complex product (which might be good - also a capable product), but the lack of manual has held me off.
Any good date for availability??