New Year's Wish List - for basic work processes

Same - I also get kicked out. Is this a bug or intentional?


Hello, it may be a bug. I'll see the reason

Kind Regards,
Support Team

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I’ve also been kicked off of the beta forum, and haven’t received an email about accessing the beta.


+1 :joy::joy:lol

+1 you are not alone :joy:

@isaatalay42 @Aliabuseria @jprint @ringmaster555 We are so sorry for the bugs occurred in Discord. We’ve fixed it now. To better communicate with our users, we started to create the Discord channel. In the Discord channel, we can communicate synchronously with you all about the bugs, feedbacks, user experiences etc. We hope to establish a better communication and feedback mechanisms between our users and developers and solve the problems and concerns you mentioned in this post earlier. Thanks for your kind feedback and active participation in the user test!



Thank you for the update.

I won’t be useful for beta testing - but I wanted to ask: can you provide a list of the features you’re working on?

Also, do you have an expected time frame for release?

Many thanks!

For users who have filled in the questionnaire, we have sent a testflight invitation. At present, only iPad is supported. For data security, please use this method to back up and migrate:

Please join discord to communicate with us. Our personnel on duty will reply at least once a day.

Hi everyone! If you want to join the test flight or check out the new features of MNE, you can join the Discord channel if you haven’t yet.

We have posted a list of short videos in Discord that demonstrate how the features work:
1. External Folder - different from direct import
2. Annotation Layers - different notes on different layers
3. Notebook Switcher - a fast way to switch to a mindmap
4. PDF Box - a fast way to add multiple PDFs
5. Operations on Files in Notebook
6. Blank and Fold - take notes in between lines and fold unnecessary texts
7. Assistive Excerpt - a fast way to make excerpts of paragraphs
8. Reflow - view multi-column PDF in one column
9. Virtual Combination - combine pages from multiple PDFs
More videos coming soon … :eyes:

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Hello, how can I join discord please? Thanks

Sorry for being unclear! You will need to fill out this questionnaire first:

The invitation link to the Discord channel will be sent to your email.

I’ve looked at the TestFlight beta for @marginnote.

Here’s the thing… First, it exists in an iOS platform, and that doesn’t really help me use/test the app for the most essential things that I need.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, it seems as though the beta app doesn’t contain any of the features that I requested in this post.

Perhaps I’m overlooking something, and if I am please do let me know.

But so far, I see some nice features – but nothing relevant to those that I detailed, and that many members have also requested.

Why I always get kicked out from the channel? @Support-Team

Already contacted you

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I’m wondering if there’s been any progress with this particular problem - i.e., has @marginnote figured out how to to render exports of PDFs with more manageable file size?

I’m asking both as a user, and someone who has been discussing @marginnote / @marginnote3 with colleagues, and this problem – the inability to archive PDF exports because of their prohibitive file size (as well as the issues raised with item #4) – have kept them from pursuing your app.

Please let me know if you’re making any progress, and what I can relay to my colleagues so that they can decide whether to pursue your app (or not).


Would any of the @marginnote features in development on TestFlight relate to what I just posted here re: rendering PDF exports with more manageable file size and/or the ability to archive our annotated PDF files offline (again, while still be able to use MarginNote-created URLs so that clicking them refers right back to that section of annotated text)?


Should we assume this isn’t working any more?

Should we assume this isn’t working any more?

Is the Discord discussion over the beta dead?

Is @Support-Team even working any more?

Is @marginnote even a functional app any more?

These are serious questions.