New Year's Wish List - for basic work processes

Same - I also get kicked out. Is this a bug or intentional?


Hello, it may be a bug. I'll see the reason

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I’ve also been kicked off of the beta forum, and haven’t received an email about accessing the beta.


+1 :joy::joy:lol

+1 you are not alone :joy:

@isaatalay42 @Aliabuseria @jprint @ringmaster555 We are so sorry for the bugs occurred in Discord. We’ve fixed it now. To better communicate with our users, we started to create the Discord channel. In the Discord channel, we can communicate synchronously with you all about the bugs, feedbacks, user experiences etc. We hope to establish a better communication and feedback mechanisms between our users and developers and solve the problems and concerns you mentioned in this post earlier. Thanks for your kind feedback and active participation in the user test!



Thank you for the update.

I won’t be useful for beta testing - but I wanted to ask: can you provide a list of the features you’re working on?

Also, do you have an expected time frame for release?

Many thanks!

For users who have filled in the questionnaire, we have sent a testflight invitation. At present, only iPad is supported. For data security, please use this method to back up and migrate:

Please join discord to communicate with us. Our personnel on duty will reply at least once a day.