No answer for edu discount

Does anyone else have trouble with communicating with margin note in referral to the edu discount? I have supplied all the necessary information, with picture of student card and my own mail adres in case something goes wrong. And I even mailed them again trough my own mail to ask if I haven’t supplied enough information or what is going on, lectures are starting and the material is piling up:3
Hope to hear from you guys!

same…I sent the email two days ago but still no reply

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Weird huh! I have tried to come into contact with them now trough 3 e-mailadresses and Facebook and now a review on Apple store. I hope something will get trough:’)


At the beginning, I must apologize for my delaying.

These days, our teammates are checking the mailbox and sending emails with education code. As far as I can see, you will receive an e-mail in reply these last few day. And if you still have some problems about edu discount, you could refer to

Please inform us about the results!


Yes I got it thank you!

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