No export backup option on macOS?


I couldn’t find an option to export backups on macOS and I don’t own any iOS devices.
Is there really no way to export a backup from the Mac app?

Exporting a backup wasn’t any help.

If the answer is yes, isn’t this a HUGE oversight that should be promptly and swiftly fixed?

Thanks in advance.

Well, the answer is NO, but that is kind of confusing given the negative framing.

Under the File menu is a command “Export Backup of Notes, Database & All Documents”

In addition, next to each study in the study list there is a “” menu. Within that menu you will find an options to “Backup” and “Backup (without documents)”

Is that what you’re looking for?

Finally, within a study there is, under the export (square with an up arrow) menu the option to “Export MarginNote Backup File”, presumably this is just a backup of the study that is currently open.

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Thanks a lot. Completely missed that command!