Note Card: Integrate PencilKit for improved writing/ drawing on iPad

I find the drawing tools in the note cards could use some improvement to allow better handwritten notes which are great for recalling when studying:

On iPad the Apple Pencil is the natural way to further annotate the notes and create hand-drawn images that can be used on the flashcards in review mode.

Apple has made a video at WWDC on how they have made it easy for developers to implement the new PencilKit for iOS/ iPadOS. Apple has even released Sample Code that can easily be included. There’s more documentation here.

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Thanks so much !I‘ve added your link about code to our develop plan. We do have the schedule to support PencilKit and metal in version 3.5 which will be released in Sep. , if all goes well.

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By changing idea with development team, Apple’s PencilKit has limit on its data openness up to now. And these limit is blocking MN process integration.

We’re still waiting IpadOS, and hope will open more on PencilKit’s Data with new system.

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