Outline text gets cut off when exporting to PDF

I am having the same issue as has been described in the following topics with no proper response or solution since 2021:

Essentially, if an excerpt exceeds a certain length, when exporting the outline as PDF (not when viewing the outline in Marginnote itself), the text will be cut off and only the first two or so lines will be displayed until it cuts off with a “…”

This is not fixed by using “expanded view” as the dev response in the first topic suggests. Even if I’m exporting while having the outline display open with the expand all option selected, when I export the outline as PDF the text of long excerpts will be cut off.

Is there a way fix to this? Again, the issue is with exporting the outline as PDF directly, not just seeing it in Marginnote itself. Exporting the outline to other apps, such as Evernote, Omnioutliner, or even as .docx are not really viable solutions as the formatting of the outline gets completely messed up and I have to waste time fixing it to be presentable. It makes it extremely difficult to share my outlines with others or be able to have my outline as a separate file I can revisit, which is a very crucial feature to me.

I am on the latest version of Marginnote as of the date of this post (Dec. 11 2023), in iPad OS 17.0.3 on a 4th gen iPad Pro.

Would really appreciate a solution to this.