PDF outline export renders incorrectly

Here is a bug report.

How to reproduce it:
• Export outline only from any notebook

• iPad 8 (2020)
• iOS 14.3
• newest MarginNote release as of 06.02.2021

What is observed:
• Export finishes and generates .pdf file
• either the excerpts are not shown or are cut in such a way that they do not appear completely
• no drawings are shown
• All the notes in the generated .pdf file are cut and not completely visible. It looks like this:
Test Notebook_withMarginNotes.pdf (239.5 KB)
• here is a video: https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/0uXCR2mOsHFYAyUae3Bxoklzw#RPReplay_Final1612569920
• here is the marginnote backup file from the notebook in the video: Test Notebook(2021-02-06-01-20-47).marginpkg (8.9 MB)

What is expected:
• In previous versions of marginnote, the export tool generated pdf documents that looked like this:
IT-V2_withMarginNotes.pdf (1.0 MB)