Patch notes?

I updated to 3.7 but don’t know what are the changes. I asked a while ago about disconnecting two nodes and someone promised a solution in the update. Can’t figure out how to do that still…

I concur, patch notes would be very beneficial. There are some notes on the App Store version:

In this update, we have revamped the mindmap notebooks in MarginNote.

We have improved idea boxes and renamed them to child mindmaps. We’ve added a mindmap list interface to better present the child mindmaps. The title-link feature now works with child mindmaps and bookmarked focuses (yes, focuses can now be bookmarked). Thanks to this update, you no longer need to create separate notebooks for your title-link dictionaries. Besides the features mentioned above, we have also added collaboration via iCloud, temporary reference mode to view other files in your database, and many more.

we also added the following features:

  • Collaboration: in the mindmap menubar, by tapping on the more settings > “Cooperate,” you will be able to share a notebook with your friends and work on it with them.

  • Temporary Reference Mode in Search: MarginNote allows searching through all the documents in your database, regardless of whether they are in your current notebook. Previously, if you clicked on the search result from a document that was not in your database, MarginNote would direct you to the notebook that the document was in. With this update, the document would instead be opened as a temporary tab in the document section of your mindmap notebook. If you take no notes from the document, it will be automatically closed after you leave it. If you take some notes from that document, it will be bound to your notebook and become a permanent file in the notebook.

  • Filtering the Cards that Haven’t Been Added to the Mindmap: now, you can filter the cards that haven’t been added to the mindmap using colors and tags. Through this, you can easily find the important notes that you want to analyze and place them into the mindmap.

  • Universal Occlusion for Highlighting: now, the highlights you make using the highlighter in your documents, mindmaps, and outlines could be used as occlusions in flashcards in review mode.

It’s kind of telling how much disconnect there is when there is a statement like

  • Collaboration: in the mindmap menubar, by tapping on the more settings > “Cooperate,” you will be able to share a notebook with your friends and work on it with them.

If they are calling the feature Collaboration, why should I choose an item called “Cooperate”. Why am I not choosing an item called “Collaborate” since that is the feature name.

Other inconsistencies in terminology have existed for years with the product. Marginnote isn’t as complex as reviewers make it out to be, but those kinds of inconsistencies add a completely unnecessary layer of obfuscation. It also prevents us newer power users from communicating effectively.

They use the word “card” but then there is a study mode that makes what are essentially flash cards. So the reader is left to make the distinction between cards in the mind map and flash cards.

Really, this lack of clarity goes very deep and at some point a UX architect is desperately needed to go through the product and bring a measure of unity to things. I’ve been doing UX research for 25 years but I’m on other projects at the moment. If I had the time to give this a work-over I certainly would.

It also doesn’t help that the community wiki is sometimes unreachable. That seems a real opportunity to at least document using accepted terminology but nine times out of ten that I try to access it, it’s non-responsive.

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Agree on this, too.

I asked before, so I’ll ask again: please add a link to the MN Help menu that takes us to a web page summarizing the changes in each update of the application, i.e., a version history that summarizes bug fixes, new features, changes, etc.

This is a standard feature that I would expect in any serious application. We should not have to go to the Apple Store for this information.


I don’t believe they have a dedicated UX person. If they do, they person should be fired.

MN Help never actually helps… I tried so many times to find a way to do X in MN in the there but always ended up googling.

Sorry about this. Previously we called it cooperate, and I forgot to update the translation after we changed the name.

The consistency and the terminology has been a problem that prevented MarginNote from becoming a more accessible and easier to understand. We have realized this issue, and are working on improving on the consistency of the software.


LOL, we are working on revising the UX. Sorry for the many problems that we now have.


I just got an alert box in MN to announce a new version is available.

The end of the announcement says:

  1. For more information regarding the new features of MarginNote 3.7, please visit

I tried clicking on the link but it just brings me to this web site.

So, where is the information regarding the new features?


Currently no. It's a bit mess as we are still waiting for the video editor to pull of the video. I am so about the confusion. For now, I think Paperless X's review is quite comprehensive, and you can have a look at it there. We will release the update post once everything is ready. So sorry about this situation!

Kind Regards,
Support Team

By the “Paperless X” review this is meant:

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Could you explain what a patch note is, please?

Notes detail what has changed between one version and another when a new version of the software is released. Release notes, patch notes, update notes. All the same thing…


“Waiting for the video editor”…?

Video is too slow. Sorry, but how is that relevant to what we are asking for in this thread?

Please, could you just provide this standard feature that every other serious app has?