Please stop deleting files on my iCloud drive

I do not understand why they have not fixed the sync issue after so long. Files go missing mysteriously on my iPad and the app messes up with files not within the Marginnote 3 folder. It is frustrating that you could lose important documents by using this software. Customer service is absolutely zero. They don’t even take the time to give you a short reply.

Hi zchusre,

We do apologize to you sincerely for your issue. I am very concerned about the problems you encounter. So could you please give me more information about your device model (mac,iphone,ipad) , IOS version and please check if your Marginnote version is newest which could be seen in apple app store. Honestly, we rarely hear about files lost issue. Please help us locate the reason.

Best regards,
MN Support team

I bought this app both on my iPad and Mac hoping I could organise ideas for assignments more efficiently. I am really frustrated that it is actually wasting a lot of my time because the papers I downloaded KEEP disappearing on iCloud. This is really making the app unusable as I constantly have restore files from iCloud. Is there any solution to this please really?
I’m using an iPad Pro iOS 12.4.1 and on the most updated version of MarginNote 3.


This is an article containing some tips about iCloud sync. Besides, After you do the first sync, please keep the files original location folder to avoid potential mistakes. If you cloud provide the way to reproduce the issue, we will fix it immediately.

Support Team