Problems with subscription!

Hi, I downloaded the marginnote on my mac a few days ago from the Apple Store.
Not being able to use any function, I obviously activated the free trial.
I wanted to understand how to disable the trial to avoid paying full price for the application.

I also contacted support via email to get the student discount code. Unfortunately, communication via email is very slow (I only received replies in the middle of the night and every other day, I think it also depends on the time zone). When the code was finally sent to me, I read the email with a few hours delay, then the link to download the application did not work and therefore I could not activate my code within the set times.

Can you help me solve these two problems?

  1. Deactivate the trial version
  2. Activate my student discount code

I also wanted to ask for another information.
By paying for the app, can I use it from both the mac and the ipad?


For more info on our education or upgrade code for MarginNote 3 on Mac, please read our guideline here and submit the info required.



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