Refine export features please! It's been 2 years!

It was already pointed out in 2018 that exported PDFs are too large and then in the same thread that the annotations they contain are not recognizable by other pdf readers.

Why has this not been addressed yet?

I feel cheated of my money and forcefully trapped with a product that doesn’t show any interest to integrate with the greater world of other applications and pdf readers. After spending hours on documents I cannot access the annotations anywhere except my iPad!

I agree. This is much needed and much overdue functionality. The annotations should be compatible with other PDF apps. Basic markdown encoding would be good, too.


Also agree. Plus the ability to export to markdown or formatted text - evernote is nowhere near as popular as it was and many people don’t use it. The Word export formatting is incredibly ugly. In order to get decent notes at the moment I have to export to a mind map app then export again as text.

Wow, I’m just learning about this issue. I’m glad I haven’t yet purchased MarginNote and haven’t made it into my workflow yet.