Share your workflow and tips & tricks


What is your workflow for studying in Margin note? How do you use margins, tags, flashcards etc.? What tips, tricks or shortcuts do you use to make studying more efficient? Share it here so that we can learn from each other.


I find it more efficient to focus on highlighting text when first going through a text.

Then, at a later time I will organise my highlights into notes by merging them together and using the ‘As Title’ button to quickly label a note with some text that has been selected.

I’ll then arrange these notes in a mindmap as I see fit.

A side benefit is that going through material in different ways helps with deepening learning.


That sounds like a good strategy. How do you review your notes after you’ve made a mindmap? I struggling with coming up with an effective revision strategy. Simply re-reading mindmaps doesn’t seem efficient. I am currently experimenting with flashcard feature.


One of the best things is that the mindmap hierarchy automatically generates an outline for you (that’s kind of what mindmaps are, just visualized). So if you keep your mindmaps well organized, via auto-add-to-mindmap when highlighting, it essentially creates a nifty outline of everything for you, that you can review quickly.

Tags and highlighting also allows for an amazing filter in both the outline mode, and in the mindmap. I find it very useful when I highlight certain nodes red for questions, and and filter for those specific red items, in outline mode, when reviewing