Suggested export formats for MN3


I’ve been talking with other app developers about using MarginNote as part of a multi-app process (e.g., with DEVONthink and Tinderbox). One of the developers has asked me to kindly suggest that MarginNote consider creating an export for a format such as CSV or Tab-delim, as it would make it much easier to work with other applications.

Please, please kindly consider this. It would be greatly appreciated by your users, and think it would be a huge boon for MarginNote, in general.



Any joy? Any thoughts about the possibility of this export format for MarginNote 3? Thanks.


This suggestion will be seriously considered. The csv export seems not so hard, but we may prefer OPML, can the apps work with OPML ?


Yes, I believe so. But let me double check w/ some of the software users and get back to you.

BTW, it would also be hugely helpful to be able to run these exports in the documents section – that is, without first converting them to Notebooks. Is that possible?



Sure, will be able to export in documents section.


Oh, that’s such great news!!! Thank you so much considering our suggestions! It means a lot to users, in general, and those of us who really want to see MarninNote improve and succeed!


I agree with this totally! In particular Tinderbox. The two seem like they are made for each other :+1::+1::+1:



I couldn’t agree more!!! The folks at MarginNote (and Eastgate, for that matter) don’t quite understand how big their respective apps could be – if only they improve parity between MarginNote and Tinderbox!

Speaking of this…

Min, I’ve got an answer from you from on of the Tinderbox folks I’ve been in touch with. Here’s his answer to your question:

"OPML was really designed for simple outlines with short titles. Even text (and in Tinderbox’s $Text) isn’t core. Any support for other attributes is thus ad hoc, and prone to non-alignment between apps.

Good, solid, CSV – which might seem old-fashioned and clunky – is in fact a far more robust interchange format."

I’ll send you the longer part of his answer via email. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you. Thanks!


Chiming in here: I’ve been suggesting MarginNote to students of mine, and we’re finding that it would be super useful if it was possible to export the MarginNote outline to OPML in order to import it into Scrivener.


That’s a terrific suggestion!

Personally, I work with an approach in which I annotated in MarginNote, export annotated PDF documents into DEVONthink Pro (for storage and to utilize some of their AI tools) and also export the MarginNote-created annotations themselves (with their corresponding hashtags) into Tinderbox (via an export first to iThoughtsX, and then an export from there into an OPML format) where I use Tinderbox’s tools to build a database around the discrete MN-created annotations w/ hashtags.

After that process, I export the MN-created annotations w/ hashtags from Tinderbox into Scrivner.

That’s why I requested that MarginNote bring back, and improve, some of their PDF export features.

And, as part of that inter-app process, I’ve also made suggestions for improved hashtag organization & functionality in MN3.

Hope that’s helpful!