Sync is not working at all. The App is useless without it. Is Liquid Text a good replacement?

The changes I’m making on iPad are not syncing to Mac. This significantly affects my study, since I take notes with an apple pencil on my iPad Margin note.

People have been reporting this issue for the past year and so and developers don’t care at all.

I’m considering switching to Liquid Text. Paid so much for Margin Note and the developers can’t seem to figure out basic syncing. I have no hope for this app anymore.


Hello, note data is slower to sync at the moment due to fragmentation issues. Please check if iCloud has been turned on to synchronize your files and notebooks (☁️ will be shown below if it has been turned on); then select iCloud from the more in the bottom left corner of the main interface, enter the synchronization interface, see if there are any errors, if there are errors, try to turn off the corresponding iCloud switch, try again after 30 seconds; if it shows that it is downloading, then please wait patiently: make sure that the connection is clear to WI-FI, stay in the iCloud synchronization interface, make sure that the device is always on, turn on the power charger; you can also try to restart the device or restore the network settings, we are optimizing the synchronization function, we expect the version 3.7~3.8 will be improved, in addition, the handoff function can be transferred, airdrop can also be tried~

Kind Regards,

Support Team

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I’m sorry but this issue is being reported for several years now. I can see a post complaining about the issue from Nov 2021 (Unable to update syncs between platorms). It has been 2 years! You guys can’t fix syncing issues in 2 full years!

You are always giving out dates but the issue is just not getting resolved at all. At least let us know if you don’t plan to fix such issues, so we can just move on from the app and look for alternatives. It seems that the developers don’t care about resolving these issues.

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