Tags - What is the best practice?


What is the best practice to apply tags in MN3?

Still trying to grasp how to apply tags with MN3.

I need some tips/help please, to make my MN3 experience a lot better and efficient.

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I guess it depends :slight_smile:

I think there are different tags (file/study tags or categories, and notes tags), and for now I only used file/study tags. I use them to classify files in categories that can coexist. For example, a study can be about a single document (#article) or a topic (#topic), and both tags are inside a #range tag. Other categorization is about what brain area the study is about: #basal_ganglia, #hippocampus, #neocortex (all inside #brain_areas). Also I can classify files according to the research #status: #done, #to_do. And finally I use a simple star #(X) to mark important files and find them fast.

You also have the notes tags, but I didn’t use them much. I think they can be very useful to organize the reviews, as you can filter the cards to review by tags. By now I didn’t use this feature much so I cannot help :slight_smile:


@garred Good tips thank you.

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