The difference between MarginNote 2 Pro & 3, License agreement, Maintenance policy, User rights

Read me: The difference between MarginNote 2 Pro & 3, License agreement, Maintenance policy, User rights

  1. Can I purchase the complete version directly after downloading and installing MarginNote3 from the app store, or is there another better way to purchase it?
  2. Can users install and use the software on another iPad or Mac after purchasing and using it on the mobile terminal (when the same ID is not used between devices), and the software can support several devices to use at the same time?
  3. Can file interaction and transfer between different devices, or only be realized through icloud cloud or WiFi? It seems that the operation is not convenient.
  4. Can the documents for notes be seamlessly connected and perfectly compatible with other software? Seems incompatible.
  5. After the purchase of the full version, is the subsequent development and upgrading (new functions or other things) free for life?

First: about purchase, activation and payment

  • For IOS / ipados platform, you can download the latest MarginNote product (currently MarginNote3) directly from the app store, open the software to unlock the full version to complete the purchase, which is the only way to purchase in iOS / iPadOS devices.

  • For Mac platforms, there are several ways to purchase:

    • Download the latest version of MarginNote 3 from the app store, run the software to unlock the full version through Apple’s In-App purchase, and bind the purchase authorization with Apple iTunes account, so as to facilitate the update and maintenance of multiple devices and enjoy the apple family sharing policy.
    • Unlock by purchasing activation code(Purchase online with fastspring on the official website(Support for Alipay),Licenses can also be purchased in digitalychee and sspai ,No difference in effect),Users in mainland China can download the software installation package through the following channels
  • To subscribe to the service of setapp, you can use the function of MarginNote for setapp. For details, please refer to the relevant service terms of setapp.

  • If you are a student / teacher / researcher, you can apply for education discount (60% discount). Please refer to:


Second: user rights and interests, equipment quantity limit, authorization policy

  • As the Mac platform and IOS platform are traditionally independent payment systems of apple, they are subject to the Apple App store policy, that is, you can only use them on mobile phones and iPad (iOS / iPadOS platform) after you purchase them in iOS platform. If you want to use them on Mac platform, you need to purchase and authorize them independently.
  • iOS / iPadOS platform binds iTunes purchase account, the number of devices used is subject to Apple App store policy (family sharing, multi device activation rules are based on Apple official website or notice), and the internal verification program of marginnote is used to detect the authorization abuse, so as to eliminate the suspicion of sharing account for profit. If the abuse is confirmed, marginnote reserves the right to cancel the authorization license of related iTunes account.
  • The rules, policies and rights of Apple App Store version of Mac platform are consistent with iOS / iPadOS platform.
  • If the Mac platform uses the activation code version, including the official website channel, agent channel, and education preferential channel, each activation code supports the simultaneous activation of two Macs.If you need to replace the device or reinstall the system, you need to manually anti activate the current device in the main menu of the mac-version of MarginNote window to complete the unbinding. For help, please contact
  • If the Mac platform uses the setapp version, it is subject to the setapp policy.

Third: interactive support among multiple devices

  • It supports “iCloud multi terminal synchronization” and has (manual + automatic) historical archive to protect user data during synchronization. Marginnote will continuously optimize and enhance the synchronization rate and acceleration mechanism.
  • Support “handoff” multi device collaboration, realize the fast collaboration and consistency between the real-time reading progress of books and notes in close communication, and marginnote will continue to optimize the scene.
  • Support “airdrop” to package and transfer notes among different users of marginnote in their own backup format, share their experience, or transfer and back up the whole data among multiple devices.
  • Support “sidecar” to use your iPad as the expansion screen of MAC. Multiple screens can perform their own functions. They can display different learning projects, or display the mind map on one screen for the same learning project and books on the other. Keep the data fully cooperative and consistent between the two screen windows, and support “drag-n-drop” across screens and windows "

Fourth: compatibility of notes data & collaboration between different softwares

  • Compatibility of data and collaboration between different softwares to form an advanced workflow has been one of the core advantages of MarginNote.
    • Currently, MarginNote supports multiple export methods, including common PDF documents, mindmap (the common format of brain map software such as Ithoughts, XMind, Mindnode), ominioutliner, devonthink, anki, etc. If you want to know more about how to export PDF documents with your annotations, please click the following link::white_check_mark:How to export a document
    • Special feature—“Hyperlink · URL-Scheme’:Each export format, including PDF notes, can still be jumped back to MarginNote related notes in real time through hyperlinks in PDF when reading in other readers.
    • MarginNote internally uses a high-performance note database to store all of your notes(similarly to Notability, Goodnotes), in order to optimize the performance of giant notebooks on mobile devices, as well as enriching the form and function of note taking. Here, notebooks in MarginNote can only be free identified, stored or processed by other software in a standard universal format. This is completely different from other PDF annotation software storing notes in the PDF file itself.
  • In order to maintain the core advantages and achieve “your note data belongs to you”, MarginNote will continue to improve the compatibility of export formats and enrich advanced workflow tutorials (for advanced workflows shared by users, please visit our forum: it’s expected to provide note data export interface and plug-in development SDK in the not too distant future to have deeper collaborations with academic software. So stay tuned!

Fifth: About maintenance policy and updates

  • Each member in the MarginNote Team is dedicated to provide users with richer feature updates and optimizations. If you have some troubles or good ideas, please contact us, we now provide users with multiple channels, and we will reply you as soon as possible. Further more, we will quickly fix vulnerabilities & defects and actively adapt with new hardware & new systems.
  • In a wide range of time spans, we will build new MarginNote products and introduce new value-added services(Such as ABBYY and Baidu’s OCR PRO project) based on the feedbacks from devoted users and cutting-edge technology developments, and we try to maximize the benefits for regular users and fans .

Difference among MarginNote 3, MarginNote 2 & MarginNote 2 Pro

MarginNote 2 : users can have a free trail but most of the functions are limited, users can subscribe to unlock the full version

MarginNote 2 Pro :MarginNote2 Paid version

MarginNote :MarginNote3 has a comprehensive upgrade compared with MarginNote2 which is featured with OCR, PDF editing, better annotating tools, video excerpts, etc. MarginNote3 is constantly being upgraded and optimized, but MarginNote2 won’t add new features temporarily.