"Title Link" word recognition problem 🛼 BUG

İ always get amazed by title link speciality of Mn but whenever I want to use, I faced same problem of Slurred / word shifting in pdf s especially pdf is more than 5 pages :pensive::pensive:

It can not be usable like this because when you click on slurred word the app search different words. So it is sad. Wrong understanding of word/slurred words leads wrong search when it was clicked.

Please fix it @Support-Team @Relight_Support-Team

Is there anybody who use it this speciality ?

Let me know how you use and implement your workflow

What is the title link? What does it do specifically?


Hello, this is really not easy to set. Do you have many such words? It is recommended not to add spaces between words

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Support Team

Thank you for returning Relight
It is happening so many times.
Actually I never been effectively used this speciality, I waited so long before I write here waiting to be fixed in some way…
As you see in first photo, I didn’t put a space between words. sehadet^ in the first photo is correct word.
But after or before this pdf page , the app recognize the word slurred way leading speciality can not be usable.

Can you select which instances it highlights? And does this work across documents?

I’d like to have a note accessed from different documents without recreating it every time.

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Sorry i don’t understand

It does work in across documents but it slurries

Look at this example


If MN want to be leader in its area
Than the CEO should focus on to fix that issue

İf title link slurring problem so hard to fix than we need to find another way to connect nodes other than links.
Tags are still usable for this