What are Historical Archives?

What are Historical Archives? And how do they work exactly?

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Thanks for liking my post, but can you please provide an answer?

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I think they’re just supposed to be your archived mindmaps, to be shelved away from your current projects…

An automatic data safety mechanism results in Notes Version Control realization.

When MN detects a big change of Icloud sync which leads to delete local notes, the Historical Archives will be triggered automatically. The data keep in the database as a special state nearly do not occupy space. Also you could archive manually.

Thank you for your reply. So, what are the circumstances in which users should select “Save in Historical Archives”?

After all, shouldn’t the Historical Archives be standard in which MarginNote syncs data?

I’m confused. Please clarify.

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Hello JournoProf,

I’m willing to answer this question though I haven’t used this new function yet.

Lanco has described Historical Archives as a tool to back up documents when MN detects big change of iCloud sync. As far as I have concerned, Historical Archives is just like a guard to your data, which has little relevance to sync itself. But when to use historical archive manually?

1.You can use it a way to trace back.

2.Historical version comparison.(If it is necessary, you can compare one document in different historical versions on two windows.)

3.To be explored ~

I know and feel sorry that you are badly troubled by the sync problem. You can now update MN3 to the latest version on your Mac and iPad.

Mn Support Team

Thank you for this explanation. It’s very helpful. I’ve tried applying Historical Archives to various documents, but I haven’t seen any effect on those files.

I understand that this is a feature that ought to be used for large files, and appreciate why that might be helpful and desirable. But I do not understand why this isn’t simply a default feature for all files.

Thank you again.

Thank you for this. I just posted a response to you in the Unable to update syncs between platorms posts, explaining that I’ve just installed the updates, tried syncing select files manually, and (unfortunately) it still does not work.

I look forward to hearing how MarginNote can advise users how to fix this or make sync updates work.

Thank you.