What is Database Defragmentation?

What is Database Defragmentation? And how & when should users use it?

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A way to make performance significantly improve.

When you have a very big notebook in study mode and have done many management operations like deletions, merging, the database index will become stalling because of blank redundancy. With the Defragmentation, all the redundancy will be repaired.

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Thank you very much for your reply.

As you’ve seen, I’ve raised questions (and concerns) about my experiences involving Unable to update syncs between platorms , and how to fix this. I’ve asked you (@Lanco_Support-Team) as well as @Dieffen_Support-Team to clarify the exact steps we should take in order to successfully sync our MarginNote annotations of documents and notebooks between platforms.

My question is: will selecting Database Defragmentation disrupt the users ability to successfully sync our MarginNote annotations of documents and notebooks between platforms?

I would greatly appreciate it if you could answer this question promptly.

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Hello JournoProf,

My apologize for the delay in responding. Database Defragmentation has no negative effect on synchronization between platforms. Just like Lanco has mentioned, we introduce Database Defragmentation to repair redundancy. So you needn’t to worry about it.

Wonderful. Thank you for your reply. That’s very helpful.

I’ve since used it for the MacOS platform.

Does Database Defragmentation work on the iOS platform? So far, I haven’t seen it, though it seems like it would be quite useful.

Yes, today we update the MN for Mac 3.5.5

Focused on multi-DIsplays and Sidecar related scenes.

You can use the first sceen to use Outliner and Mindmap, the second screnn for documetns annotation like spliting a Study-mode notebook view into two. By Outliner focus mode and auto locating, you can control new excerpts inserting positon across two screens. @jprint @Jun

Also provide the Defragmentation in the menu.

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Right. But I was asking: is this feature available for MarginNote in iOS platforms?

Thank you.

IOS version has been supported multi-windows since 3.5.0 last month. But the applications is limited in inner screen since IOS only support external Displays in Mirror mode. We have a short video to show IOS scenes like the left-to-right exchange :

Sorry. I was specifically wondering if Database Defragmentation exists for MarginNote in iOS.

I’m asking because perhaps it might help fix some of the problems we’ve been raising, such as with syncing.

Database Defragmentation also has been existed for MarginNote in iOS since 3.5.0.

It may significantly increase performance when you suffered related cases. But may not help to Sync.

We have fixed tons of BUGs from the IOS13 system Low-Level loophole from 3.5.0 to 3.5.5. Some of them are related to Sync especially in the build 3.5.5.

So if you have both 3.5.5 on IOS and Mac platform, you may get better Sync as we expected. For the errors already made, the best way is to start over again, backup your project, delete your project in both cloud and local, re-import it. Or try sync manually which means mandatory. Keep using Historical archives whenever you feel unsafe.

All the means are aimed at correcting the sync manually and make it start work again.

Support Team

I think I follow you, but let me follow up a bit since I don’t want to lose MarginNote-created annotations.

First off, just to be clear, I do have both 3.5.5 on IOS and Mac platform. As I’ve recently said in other posts, the sync function has NOT been working at all; in fact, it appears that the syncs are working worse than they were before. I honestly have no idea why.

In my situation, I’ve got the most current annotations on my iPhone version of MarginNote. So, would you suggest that I:

  1. Create a backup copy of that file, export it – to some iPhone folder, I’m guessing;

  2. Delete all other documents / notebooks of that file on my iPad and Mac;

  3. Reload the file on my MarginNote iPhone app

  4. Sync that file so that it appears in other platforms.

Are those the steps you’re suggesting?

Also, is there some set up you’d suggest, as far as the placement of iCloud folders that relate to MarginNote, to ensure that iCloud is more effectively syncing MarginNote files between platforms?

Thank you for your assistance.

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Dear @Bryan_Support-Team & @Lanco_Support-Team, Can you please provide us assistance with this matter?

Thank you.