Word Count - Feature Request


Please provide word count this is a very important feature.

In my example in the marginnote library there is a particular word in a book that occurs 620 times, I need to know that marginnote is showing me 620 results.

Hi Rebs,

Thank you for your advice ,which has been put into consideration now. Actually,MN3 supports searching words in fine-made PDF. Right now its results list doesn’t display count actually. we will keep improving in future,thanks again!

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MN Support Team

Once again thank you I’m enjoying MarginNote.

Hope it comes to Windows and Android soon.

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I hope the word count will be available on screen not a shortcut button, either way it is an essential feature.

Sorry to ask again but when is word count (totals found) likely to be featured in M.N?
Also I’ve noticed the version history for the Apple app hasn’t been updated for a long time?

Recently,we have gathered a bunch of requests for improvement and sorted them by urgency(eg: in next update, we put review mode as priority) . I can’t give you an accurate update time but when I got it I will inform you.

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@Lanco_Support-Team thxs for the response.

Disappointed not to see word count for the search box, not included in version 3.4.
Will it feature eventually?

As far as I know, search and tags improvement maybe be in Oct update.

We will update a several of IpadOS new feature like mutil-windows 、 sidecar、USB device support in Sep update. And our limited development resource have to put on these things right now.


Hi @Lanco_Support-Team @min and the MN Team

We all appreciate your hard work to make MN better.

Any possibility that word count in word search will come sooner than October?

Word count was promised this October.

This is such a Important basic feature, when will it be integrated?

Ideal suggestion for word search

@Lanco_Support-Team @Min

Corrected image for ideal word search and word count.

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Thanks for your diagram which may help Developer to realize.
Apple changed its release date and the new system lead to many Bugs consuming time of Dev. Even today, the new version 3.5.x of MN Mac is still under development.

Once the team got the chance will fix it. MN really has a lot of basic flaws waiting to be fixed. Thanks so much for your suggestions and your enthusiasm. Although I can’t give you a specific time, I promise to keep setting it in Dev. todo.

Support Team

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@Lanco_Support-Team @MN_Support-Team @Support-Team

Any update on a modified search as above.


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