About Mindmap Notebook

About Mindmap Notebook

In the studying module, a collection of excerpts and mind maps and corresponding documents is a notebook

  • Further explain the learning method of MarginNote:

    Learning method of MarginNote: fragmentation + networking + repetition = internalization

    Notes extract + mind map + memory card , Trinity

    Extract notes = fragmented

    Mind map = networking

    Memory card = repetition

    If we want to put hundreds of pages of raw materials into our heads effectively, we can do the following steps:

    1. Cut linear material into pieces (excerpt + Notes).

    2. Through mind map and other tools to form a network of these fragments, the nodes of the network are these fragments.

    3. Put a nail (memory card) on the key nodes of these networks, and keep beating until it is engraved in your head. Nails with nets, nets with knowledge, are so fixed in your mind.