About Video module

About Video module

  • 1 Video play

    Click to play video

  • 2 Video clip

    The first click to determine where the cut video starts, and the second click to determine where the video ends. The video you cut after double clicking will be automatically inserted into the mind map

  • 3 Video timeline preview

    Stretch this axis to control the accuracy of the number of frames displayed on the video axis below the screen

  • 4 Video double speed playback

    Click different options to determine the speed of video playback

  • 5 Video timeline

    By dragging the timeline, you can also preview the content of different periods of the video, while dragging for quick positioning

Features in video module

MarginNote 3 currently supports viewing video files, and supports annotating and annotating video files (equivalent to pdf), and supports export to Anki.

Supported video formats

Currently supports mp4, m4v, mov three formats

Importing video files

Click to view Q2 How can MarginNote3 import different types of documents?

if we take a clip from MP4 and add that in mind map, that clip won’t Play if delete the original video file…this is frustating

Sorry for your troubles, but this is intended – videos could take too much space, so they are not stored together with the document.