Any changes to MN folders & categories?

Thanks, @ringmaster555 … I’ve been sympathetic to the MN3 development team addressing the many, necessary fixes to make the app work adequately, but the existing system of folders & categories makes difficult to work in MN3.

Anyway, like you I’ve also got DEVONthink, and likewise use it to store my files for annotation. But I hadn’t thought about use an Index folder for MN3 files. Would you mind walking me through your set up? Sounds like it might provide some kind of stop gap approach (albeit with the limitations you’ve pointed out). Thanks so much!


@jprint In order to open files in my DEVONthink index and prevent the MarginNote database from reimporting a copy of the same file (another limitation of MarginNote in general: There’s no checking for duplicates when opening outside of MarginNote.), I use a Keyboard Maestro automation script to write lock directories while MarginNote is open and unlock them while MarginNote is closed (During this time, you can import new files in DEVONthink.). The script I have is outlined here: Allow Opening From ~/Library/Containers/QReader.MarginStudyMac/Data/Documents/ Without Reimport

This way, I can open files in DEVONthink directly from the ~/Library/Containers/QReader.MarginStudyMac/Data/Documents/ directory with expected behavior. This system works pretty well. It’s not ideal, but it’s a decent hack until the development team implements better database structures, import logic, and file browser user interfaces.


Thank you so much for this, and I’m sorry for my belated reply. I’ll take a closer look at this to see if I can figure out the set up and Keyboard Maestro script.

One of my concerns is figuring out if / how this might work with the DEVONthink clipping that I rely on. Does you approach allow you to still use the DEVONthink clipping features?

Ok, I’ve read this a few time and I think I can imagine how this is supposed to work.

While I’ve done a few things via Keyboard Maestro, I don’t have a strong command of it – so I’m not clear on what to import and how to apply it as a script to make this hack work. Could you walk me through that a bit – if you’ve got some spare time to do so?

Many thanks, again…