Documents syncing but notebooks don't

Hi, I use Margin Note in my iPad and my Macbook. The documents work fine in sync, but the notebooks are missing in my MacBook. Normally I annotate them in my iPad.

Here some screenshot of the error in my macbook:

Hello, alexojeda,

Welcome to the MarginNote Forum. Sync between different platforms, especially iOS and MacOS, is indeed a serious issue. You are expected to refer to this post

& follow the steps and give us feedback.

Further more, you can also have a look at this post.

MN3’s developer has realized the urgency of sync issue. In normal cases, we will change the sync strategy in version 3.7.

Thanks for your understanding.


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Great. I’m very pleased to hear that you and @marginnote are taking this matter so seriously, and look forward to seeing your progress.

One suggestion that just occurred to me while re-reading your past most… Maybe @marginnote should consider creating some way to determine which file has the most current annotations. That would provide users with a way to check which files has their most current work and if files have been properly syncing across platforms. Just a thought…

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