Export to RTF — Is it Possible? Feature Request? ...?


First: this app is great!!

Next, my question: is there a way to export my notes to a single RTF file? I see the export to DEVONthink option, but it splits each note into a separate file.

If this is not possible, could it be a new feature?

For each note in the RTF file, I’m thinking it could be formatted like this (roughly, Chicago Style):

"Integer a porttitor enim. Curabitur eget venenatis quam, ut bibendum leo. Maecenas feugiat tincidunt nunc, id vulputate arcu consectetur non." (TitleOfMySource, 32).

…where “TitleOfMySource” would be a hyperlink to open the notecard in Margin Notes, and “32” would be the page number recorded in the note.

A way to export notecards filtered by tag(s) would also be awesome!

Any suggestions?



Bump. Any suggestions on this?