Here are 5 things to consider when you want to copy Apple 📒 notes to MN at iPad

Anyone tried to copy notes (Apple notes) app notes to MN ?

I tried because I want to use MN as a note taking app.

[[[So interesting thought isn’t it? I mean; why you want to use study app as a note taking app? (@admin) :clown_face:]]]

Anyway… I opened Mind map from 0 and tried to copy all notes without making them pdf.

Here are 5 Problematic things if you want to copy your notes :

  1. you need to copy your notes to card’s comment section; because card “itself” is not enough for big size notes.

  1. You can’t copy the handwriting notes comfortably/directly. I sometimes tried 10 times for copy handwriting notes and successed 1 times. This is so #buggy process. For handwriting notes you need to save photo album first and you need to copy the picture from there. this is torture for users :skull_and_crossbones:.

  1. Even if you succeed on copy your handwriting notes (from the photo album method) if your handwriting notes are long, the “readability” of your notes will go down unfortunately.

  1. the blank area of the card is most shameful scene of all study app’s history ever. !!!

Oh sorry we ve already talked before!!

  1. if your note includes pictures. These are the another torture technique of MN; because you can’t copy them in once.
    (You have to copy them separately):japanese_ogre:

(+if you have links with pictures, forget about them :man_facepalming:t2:because Links with pictures doesn’t show up)

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The long image does currently have a scale and card size conflict, but I haven’t received a screenshot of this exact situation before (exporting the image from Apple’s notes app and then copying and pasting it into Marginnote?). I’ll tell my boss about this problem and the need to “insert cards with multiple images one time”.

About links, Marginnote3 does not support image links, but you can click on a link and a preview window will open inside Marginnote3.


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Thank you for replying :blush:

By the way; I may not be able to explain problem clearly ; the problem rises here copying -one- Apple note all (when we select “select all” button in apple notes app),
Including handwriting, pictures, text with hashtags.
Not just multiple image in once.
We want the copy notes easily.
Unfortunately there are so buggy process we have now.

If Apple notes would let the users (for example; share all the notes in “one” pdf, ) than I ll never asked this specialty from team. Because MarginNote is so good when you have a pdf.
Unfortunately (for pdf way); you have to covert every note to pdf separately if you want to use your Apple notes with different app- and that will cost me 150 pdfs (because I have 150 notes in apple), different app for combine them and so much effort for capturing every note again for screening my notes in mind map…

If we can ease the process of carry notes to a MarginNote “”without pdf””; lots of users can begin to use MN as a note taking app.

I really like to use MarginNote as a note taking app, only problem is hardness of carrying content.

Maybe in future, as the note taker users rise, there will be better integration for apple notes-MarginNote.

Thank you for considering again.

Hi isaatalay42. It’s a great idea, and probably not just helpful for Notes, but Marginnote could be a little more specific with its feature extensions in this area. I guess, a Widget or Shortcuts aspect of support? I’ll look for an opportunity to introduce that to my boss.

Considering that this feature is not immediately available in Marginnote in the near future, I would like to recommend an app for Mac : Exporter. This app will export all your notes to .md format and your pictures and handwriting will not be lost.



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