Handwriting experience and wishes

Handwriting is the most important thing for study apps. I appreciate all the specialites that developers created about this subject. But some issues I want to talk about

Firstly in margin note we can not handwrite on mind maps directly, we need to use boxes.
Okay I respect that!
I understand that it is the issue of margin note
I don’t want to talk about and give up about this wish even I wanted it so much in past…

And I understand actually the boxes is the symbolic thing for this app and don’t want to compare with other apps also…


I think the developers could change the boxes and improve their functionality more and more
So margin note will get the improvement.
Every one will be happy :grin:

Firstly :one:
we wish more and more SİZE📶
And I think the users actually do not want to enlarge their notes, they want to enlarge the BOXES AND THEİR USAGE

And if we can use the boxes not just vertically this unusable scene doesn’t happen


Secondly :two:
We want easier access to handwrite on mind map
Now, I need to click 2 times and it is not easy to find little area (shown in the image) of box for opening the comment section.
The users can write DIRECTLY without click anywhere at other study apps (I don’t give name)
This is not interested about time, this is about willpower and basic interface for Apple pencil/handwriting.
I think the biggest thing after video specialty for this app will be the easier handwriting (with the boxes Respect :raised_hands:t2:)

I think maybe developers could bring something like this; if I click with my finger these specialities could stand, But if I click with Apple Pencil (with longer press) the comment section with handwrite window directly opens.
What do you think?
Don’t forget‼️
every click = losing willpower🎯 (not the time) for users

And lastly :three:
If the developers bring the usage of side of the boxes (not just vertical) and the ability to enlarge them more and more;
Maybe there willl be option for groups comment and handwriting like a normal boxes.:bowling:


Hello, thank you very much for your suggestion about triggering the handwriting interaction design. Currently you can only edit the card in the card editor interface. Regarding the optimization of handwriting, we are designing a separate branch of the app for handwriting, and in this new app, even though You can also write directly in the brain map by hand.


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Wow :hushed:
Thank you :blush:

I am impatiently waiting :spider_web:

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