THE NEW NOTE operation 📝 (stealing Apple note app’s customers🪝)

The new note speciality should be easier in margin note if we focus iPhone customers!

The user should not see the new note as a complex PDF structure, it is pain in ass🚦right now and it should be one click process,

If we want to get Apple notes customers especially for iPhone MN users
We need to understand simplicity
We need to understand willpower
We need to learn from Apple notes app and why it is so common and everyone use it, without the half of specialities the MN has.
We need to understand Behavioral economics
We need to understand willpower depletion and
why with just another click makes so much PAIN in users mind

Now let’s look at difficulty of MN new note and the simplest solution of Apple notes :spiral_notepad:

Let’s click new note at MN and
the painful question :frowning: the user has begins;

“What should i name this note” :moyai:

We should ask ourselves, why we need to ask users to name the note
There are millions that doesn’t even use title for creating new note
The new note should not need to be named immediately, it should be arranged later if necessary !!!

If user didn’t give up at this level, MN get the ax and start chopping heads with another question series :pick:

Why we ask this up front ?
Why we need to ask “which document to add”:telescope: for someone creating nite for just shopping list or some beautiful word he/she want to write :triumph:

If the user still stays after this question and has a patient to answer, MN get the operating knifes and try to reach deepest neuronal parts of brain⚔️ :

I can’t describe the level of the hardness of MN for someone who wants just a simple note.
Maaan :sleepy:

If user didn’t associate anything, unfortunately the MN comes up solution with:
“You can make handwriting but if you want to type, you need to give two more click” :jack_o_lantern:


“this write only for some level because it is title again , you need to click one more to comment section to write” :japanese_ogre:

Is it a joke ? Come on ! The user want to write something man !
What the hell the user live !!!

Now let s look at Apple notes solution for the new note


No need to associate
No need to click after clicking
No need to ask title
No need to limit
Just simple note

Another great thing I want to say for Apple notes (for iPad) is:
As you know the users can reach directly Apple notes with one PENCIL click on Lock Screen and easily taking handwriting notes.
I imagine like this speciality on MarginNote too.
We should click on Lock Screen and bam!, we can take handwriting notes in new clean mind map like apple notes

Thank u for considering


I understand your needs. You just want to simply create a mind map notebook, then enter some text or handwritten notes yourself, and finally organize it into a mind map, right?

Kind Regards,
Support Team

Not “my needs”, human physiology needs that

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