Lock Screen optimisation, AudioBooks scenario and Sleepy 😴 MN

Continuing the discussion from Video/mp3 comments problem:

  1. The users can not listen something without keeping the on screen.
    That’s the worst part. In other words you can’t lock your iPhone and keep listening
    If you don’t mind the listener users than why did you bring that speciality ?

Please make an update for this, especially for #FR iPhone
Because the users want to listen (for example audibook mp3) and cannot control it on Lock Screen.

That control panel is also important for #iPad (I don’t know about mac) because sometimes you want to keep listening something while you want to do something with other apps. (Multitasking) in other words; when you leave app the mp3 stops.

If the users can control mp3 while the iPhone locked; Than MN will be alternative for music type app…
Won’t it be beautiful?

Shortly we need control panel and Lock Screen panel (for keep listening while the iPhone locked)
@Support-Team @Edward_Support-Team

  1. the mp3 editing panel in MN in dark mode is so shiny.
    For example you are listening something beautiful and you want to take a notes on mp3 at sleepy. The screen is so shiny that blow up your sleep. :robot:

The dark mode at iPad is also problematic. In mind map mode all cards shining. So many people complaining also…

Understood, someone also mentioned dark mode before, and the settings screen is white. We’ll optimize that.


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Thank you for replying :blush:

In 3.7 can iPad/iPhone users listen something while the screen is locked ?
In other words, will be a way to controll mp3 on “controll center’ like Spotify or soundcloud…

And when is the update