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Please add ability to export to markdown. As an example, here’s the format I was able to get to after exporting to mindmap, selecting all in my mindmap program, exporting to markdown, then running regexes over the output using a perl script. I’d like to skip these steps and just go straight to markdown from Marginnote, to allow export to apps like Roam Research and Remnote.

Format should look as follows, which renders as per attached screenshot. Very tight and tidy, no extra line breaks. Markdown is pretty simple so it could be relatively simple to implement if you don’t handle image export.

### PART I: Lessons from Top Tech Companies [*](marginnote3app://note/90A33F40-CAD1-40CD-8A80-52AC24162A65)
- CHAPTER 1: Behind Every Great Product [*](marginnote3app://note/6BC9779E-47AA-4817-9660-EF1803DAC855)
	-  product manager
		**led the product team** to **combine technology and design** to **solve real customer problems** in a way that **met the needs of the business.**   [*](marginnote3app://note/860B9ED9-B9C3-44FD-976F-2F5099A3DDB9)
- CHAPTER 2: Technology‐Powered Products and Services [*](marginnote3app://note/1861FD7E-3956-44E6-9CC1-D24FE6574C85)
	- in this book, I concentrate exclusively on products that are powered by technology [*](marginnote3app://note/D1131F79-3AA2-4A11-BE4B-153C20B08699)
		- My focus is on the unique issues and challenges associated with building technology‐powered products, services, and experiences. [*](marginnote3app://note/942FE5F8-7E24-4FA0-8246-32B748077765)
		- most products today are transforming into technology‐powered products, and the companies that don't realize this are rapidly being disrupted. [*](marginnote3app://note/A1AE11B3-FE8B-4406-87D5-C94CA5E8DD58)```

Its not the phenomenal Markdown-Export you requested… but a md-Editor.what do you think about this?

Perfect, and good example @jacrify. Markdown is a far better export option than the horrible RTF/RTFD that MarginNote produces now.

@fan_reg – editing notes in markdown is not export.


ok, I mean being able to convert and edit markdown which is easily exportable and universally usable for various editor

please add export to markdown!!

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Thank you for writing in. I have already raised your request to our Development team. As mentioned earlier, all user requests will be considered and implemented but we cannot assure a time frame when it will be put into effect. Please feel free to contact us again if you need any assistance and we will be happy to provide further help.


This is really needed.

As I mentioned to @quorm on the Curio forums, my solution at present is to export from MarginNote as dox, convert that to Markdown using, then tidy that up (in ways depending on where I want to use the material) using BBEdit. It’s a bit long winded, though the BBEdit stage can be largely automated. It’s just occurred to me that I could use Pandoc for the docx to markdown conversion, which would enable then me to script the conversion and text processing.

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I would prefer export in markdown format for a better workflow, like user „jacrify“ requested. In my case to transfer notes to „Obsidian“ and the external flashcard app „Mochi“ for spaced repitition. Or to import to app „Document Node“. Kind regards.

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please, yes! this would be great.

Is there any progress concerning markdown export?

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I use Obsidian as my thought processor as well and just wanted to share that to my very pleasant surprise. Simply copy pasting from the exported MS Word file (MAC OS) to Obsidian produced an acceptable Markdown page. It did put all the unnecessary formatting syntax at the top of the page but it only takes a moment to delete this. Best of all the links still worked! Selecting a link in Obsidian for a specific annotation takes me to that annotation in Marginnote (MN3). This is a pretty big deal as I was at one point thinking I would have to continue to operate multiple pdf annotation tools this quickly becomes an unworkable process. As of now I’ll be attempting to use MN3 as my sole annotation tool.


Are there any updates on this, @Support-Team ? It would be really helpful, especially for those using a non-Apple operating system on their desktop and an Ipad for reading. (on this: the integration of Dropbox/a local folder instead of iCloud to sync with would be great)
The export to .docx files @geraldooka mentioned is not really an alternative in my opinion, since the formatting isn’t preserved when copying to a plaintext markdown/orgmode editor, at least in my case.
The export to .opml may be a markup standard, that can be converted to other plaintext formatting standards, but it is a pain to do, whilst markdown is really common. Thank you for your effort though – marginnote is immensely helpful for reading – a good export would make it phenomenal.

Data flexibility and portability is important. Markdown export would be welcome.

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Yep, gotta have portability in the future or people move on. Markdown +1

+1 that would be very helpful!

+1 on Markdown. Can’t find any info anywhere, yet, on how to install add-ons i.e. one of the 2 Markdown editors that seem to exist for MN3, now. Any hints?

@geraldooka I tried your approach … export to docx and copy+paste to Obsidian.

  • Images are referenced to the MarginNote container, e.g.

  • The link to open MarginNote only activates MarginNote, it does not open MarginNote directly to the link, the document, or the page (at least it does not do this for me).

I am on a path to find a robust (iPad) annotation app with robust markdown export as my thread in the MPU forum presents. I have always liked the approach to annotations in MarginNote, especially the ability to tag annotations.

I add my vote that the developers of MarginNote put export of annotation in markdown format to the top of their release list.


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For me, it’s either got to get Markdown export or direct Readwise integration for me to stick around using it.


Woah. Readwise is making their own PDF reader, RSS, Obsidian sync, spaced repetition etc

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To be honest, I joined this forum just to ask for this feature. For me, lack of .md export is the biggest roadblock between integrating with my Obsidian/Remnote Workflow.

Some pointers for the dev team that I would like to be implemented:

  • It can be very similar to the .docx export that we have, but need to eliminate the extra spaces.
  • A single notebook/MM should be a single file.
  • The internal links to MMNodes may be turned off if needed.
  • Include a simple way to upload the images/videos/audio too. (I know there might be limitations, but hopefully there might be a solution.)
  • It should be optional to have links to the MN Maps for excerpts.

But mostly, I agree with @jacrify’s version of it.

What do others think?

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