【MN Official Add-on】May 7th, Beta1.0.1: Markdown, a powerful card editor supporting MD, Latex and more


This plugin provides a powerful card editor based on Editor.md. It supports Markdown, Latex, UML diagrams, tables and more. After installation, a markdown option will appear in the pop-up menu on the card editing interface. You can then write your card in Markdown.

User interface


Latex is also supported to facillitate inline math equations.


Flow charts

UML FlowChart and Sequence are also supported to help you describe graphs and diagrams.

Flow charts


Markdown tables are also supported.



Full example - Editor.md examples


Marginnote 3.6.8 or higher


May 7th
Bug fixes


markdown.mnaddon (1.6 MB)


thank you for this extension, but can you please how we can use it

Downloaded and opened it. Can’t get it to work at all.

Please provide user documentation.

That looks awesome! Will try it and give comments.

Seems to work well for me on my Mac (once I upgraded to 3.6.8).

For those who are stuck… Make a note, click on the “…” in the lower right corner of the note window. Choose MarkDown.

Very neat!

BUT - on my iPad (also running v3.6.8) I don’t see a way to write MarkDown. That menu selection is not there on the iPad. So that is a problem. But I can view MarkDown that I wrote on my Mac in the notes on my iPad. I just can’t write or edit MarkDown on the iPad.

— Never mind about the above. Apparently the iPad wasn’t running MN3 3.6.8. I just updated and now it is and it works fine!

This is really a very nice addon! Thanks!


Plz check this button.