No Sync between iPad and Mac (PDF)

I have imported a PDF into MarginNote on my Mac, it synchronised to my iPad literally in a few moments. On my iPad I opened it, added a few annotations and then closed it. 2 hours later the updates have not copied across to my Mac.

I’ve read a few threads about sync issues and looked in the MarginNote 3 folder in iCloud but that just has the original PDF, not the marked up version.

The marked up (annotated) version only appears in MN3 on my iPad.

At present I am using a 14 day trial of MN3 on my Mac as I have not upgraded from MN2 until I experience it actually working.

Hello, martinkoss,
Thanks for your post. Please first refer to the user guide. Sync related issues, it may give you a hand.

Yes, you are right. Actually, there are some sync issues between iPad and Mac Unable to update syncs between platorms. But we will solve these problems and introduce some new sync mechanisms in version 3.7.
Please stay in tuned!


No probs. I looked through Sync related issues and wondered if I should do all of it while standing on my head and clapping my feet?

Yes, and this post will give your more detailed instructions. 【FAQ】Collecting Problems with Sync + Troubleshooting
I have to admit MN3 hasn’t provided users with a stable sync mechanism, but we are trying our best to solve the sync problem.
BTW, you will see the results in version 3.7.