• To batch import and sync PDFs into MN3 via iCloud Drive #Mostly Useful#

    If you need to import a lot of documents at one time and sync all of them afterwards, we recommend copying/pasting either through the Files app on your iPad or the Finder on your Mac instead of batch importing into MN3 app directly. (Original upload tools tend to be more stable.)

    • iOS: tap "Files > iCloud Drive> MarginNote3 ", then drag and drop (paste) all the files into this MN3 folder.
    • MacOS: click"Finder >iCloud Drive> MarginNote3 ", then drag and drop (paste) all the files into this MN3 folder.
  • Wi-Fi Transfer — editing a document across devices under the same Wi-Fi (only with MNpro)

    While MarginNote Pro supports Wi-Fi Transfer, MN3 doesn’t. However, we will optimize this feature in several next coming versions.

    Note: MNpro will check the latest state automatically and keep your changes up to date between devices immediately once you use Handoff; we recommend that you not edit the same document across two devices synchronously until we have finished optimization.

  • MacOS-related redundancy system errors

    Please reset your Macbook after BACK UP all your important data:

    To reset your macOS, please access to these sites:

  • Contact Apple

    As third-party developers with limited control over iCloud, we may fail to fix all issues with iCloud at present. If the solutions above didn’t help after you ensure your iCloud syncing is behaving properly, please contact Apple through for further help. What’s more, we are continuing the improvement work, so stay tuned.

  • Single notebook sync error

    Turn off the sync switch of the corresponding notebook, and then try again after 30 seconds.