Tutorial/manual for absolute beginners


I want to use MarginNote to annotate pdfs and export excerpts and notes, perhaps to Evernote or Obsidian or Word. I’ve downloaded the iOS version and have an iPad/apple pencil.

I can’t work out how to get started. The videos online delve into mind maps, which I’m a long way off being able to use. There are some basic tutorials but they seem to relate to previous versions as the screens look different. Can anyone please direct me to a manual or video in the MarginNote for dummies category




İ think the starting self question of margin note is,

  1. you want to edit directly on nodes/captures (detailed one document work, maybe you like more pencil usage etc)
  2. you want to just summerize your nodes / or want to create new a note from referenced multiple document

if its one you should focus on mind map and get everyting on mind map

if second you should focus links and try to create as much as links from your captures/annotations.
İ mean just create annotations with organised colour or hashtags as you wish.

for first (1) question’s answer: you can check it out these links.
it will make usage easier for you and get most in short time

good luck :wink: