Can I connect two or more annotations in Document mode?

I’d like to make make one annotation a child of the one above it. I would like to do this without leaving the Document mode, without to go into mindmap mode. Occasionally I like to link two annotations together as well with a hyperlink. Can this be done in document mode? There are a lot of annotations and it takes a long time to look through the mindmap. It’s much easier to see them on the actual page, tap and find the other in the book (sometimes on the same page).

I understand you and your needs fully because I feel the same way like you in past

Because when the user takes notes, there should be no distractions

I used to do it (without leaving doc mode) with colours for classification (parent~child).
When I finish reading I used to open mind map only.

The only operation tool for improving doc mode productivity @Support-Team can improve is TAG

Tag is now most sophisticated tool on the new note taking apps like obsidian, roam note and etc…

But unfortunately tag specialities in MarginNote is so immature, so many users talked about it before… never taken into account by developers;

I even requested some speciality for taking notes only in document mode about tags but these ones didn’t taken into account too:

But now: I m using only mind map. You can check it out my style:

Thank you for the detailed answer. It’s disappointing because working in “mindmap only” mode is best if you’re dealing with a short document. It is not a good way to read and annotate a book.

Yeah i agree, thats why i also insist in doc mode improvements.

İ choose mimd map only when there is a document every information counts like a text book or reference document for my jop

Mind map only mode has a advantage of searching other mind map nodes and present a good way to connect them without leaving one mind map

But when it comes doc mode, there is so hard to connect other nodes without leaving keep read. Every copy paste process makes focusing harder

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